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Beach Drinks

By Tikoriko
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Willow and Raven beach day

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Old man is amazed watching those babes puttin' it away.

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Barkeep: Uh, you do realise these drinks are non-alcoholic

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Ladies, I believe you have had enough

K-E-Y-K-O's avatar

Drunk sisters. :)

King-Savant's avatar

have you checked out my work yet

Viper-X27's avatar

Drinking buddies.

BronzeKnight28715's avatar

At least Willow got the boobs that she wanted.

ChaosAndEternity's avatar

Wait... where's Qrow? You can't have a drinking scene without our favourite Drunkle!

neogoki's avatar

They got the Strong stuff, it has to be to get Raven tippsy with so little

Niklas-Teac's avatar

should we run now?..

TimTheWarlord's avatar

Now I just have a feeling something bad is gonna happen involving them embarrassing themselves

Niklas-Teac's avatar

hm.. so camera instead?

Niklas-Teac's avatar

that is, but it will cost you

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I thought Jauque drove her to it, but in reality Raven enabled her long ago.

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Adorably cute and bouncy

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Willow looks cute.

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Why Ms. Schnee.... please let me get your next round

supersaiyan3goku's avatar

Raven: "Bar Keep! I need as much as you got! My family is wanting me at karaoke in thirty minutes! I need to be plastered in half that time!"

Willow: "Gimme some too! My husband has a micro penis, so I get the most!"

Raven: "You and what army?"

Willow: "An army of lawyers."

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Yang and Weiss watch, happy to see their moms get along.

Then they watch in horror when they things get too spicy for dA.

Jar4Kai23's avatar

Oh great. This may call for swimsuit sex.

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