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Nezun is Hungry - Happy Ending (Fan Art)
I was meaning to make this image way back when I did my original, 'Nezun is Hungry' post over 2 years ago now, and today I finally got around to finishing it.

The characters name is Nezun and is from a Avali story I used to read way back when, if you are interested I recommend you check it out with the links below.

Also just want to give a quick shout out to NAMEREDACTEDthecitra, If it was not for me wanting to reply to your comment on the original post, I probably would have never gotten around to finishing this image. (Just ignore the fact I am around 10 million seconds late to reply though.)

Original Post: Nezun is Hungry

Story info:

Read on Deviantart art: CLICK ME

Read story on Starbound Forum: CLICK ME

Original Info:   (Alterations for this image in the parentheses)
Time: 7:16 hours  (+1:30 hours ish)
Layers: 33  (+2 layers, for teeth overlap)
Work Paths: 42  (+3 Work Paths, for new shadow layouts.)
Done in: Photoshop CS6

So some of you may have noticed I have not done anything since March... WOW that was a ling times ago. Well this is not because I have not been doing anything, it’s just I have done anything worth sharing. So now the reason for this is to ask what do you people want to see? More sketches (i.e. pencil and paper drawing), or art on other medias (i.e. calculator art and things like that).  If you have on opinion just comment it so I know what to do. Also I want to try to be more commissions/collaboration as art is always funnier when you do it with someone else. Anyway hope you have a good day.

And I leave you with an image of my dog at 3:00 am.


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ZaezarDraws Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly for watching me! I hope you have a wonderful day today and enjoy the art to come :D
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Thanks for the watch :D
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tikitree2 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 7, 2018

Hello 100-playerpower and to answer your last question first, my day has been quite well. ^^

Now as for drawing your own, the Avali are an open species which means you are free to make your own character, or better yet a pack of them so they have some friends. ^^   There is no real guidelines when it comes to coloration or physical properties,  but the basic run down is Avali have 4 rabbit like stock ears, large dark oblong triangular shaped eyes, and short raptor like bodies with tails, and feathered winged arm like appendages.  If you just google them and go under images there are a lot of references.

As for what they are, well that is a little bit of a longer and more complicated question, so I will give a quick rundown and give you some links to do your own reading an research on the matter.

The Avali were created by, RyuujinZERO way back in when in a game called spore, however they did not go by the same name them. There they developed a little bit of a cult following, however really never took off in popularity. A few years later on with the release of a new game called Starbound RyuujinZERO developed and created his own mod adding the Avali to the game as their own playable race. After releasing it on the forum, it immediately took off jumping to the #1 mod in only a few months, this is the main point when the community took off running rampant across the Chucklefish forums,  after a little while though, RyuujinZERO went dark and stopped updating the mod. He was still around on the forums for a decent amount of time before he to disappeared from those. Eventually with the Avali mod being out of date Fevix created the Avali Triage mod which was created originally as just an updated version of the mod so it would still work on newer versions of Starbound, however like when the Avali mod was first released it sparked a boom of new players and community members joining.

As of now, the Avali mod and the Avali Triage mod are still some of the most popular for Starbound, and the community has grown beyond just the mod. There are plenty of artist putting out Avali work, story writers making their own fictions, and many forums still have somewhat active threads talking about the race. The Avali are still somewhat unknown to the general people, but has become one of the biggest lesser known furry races. With many people either falling in love with how cute they are, or hating them outright for a multitude of reasons.  However the Avali community is still growing to this day, with new members just like you seeing them and showing interest. One day RyuujinZERO does hope to return and bring new life back to the mod, remaking the race from the ground up, but if or when that day will ever come is still a mystery.

Here are some relevant links to get you interested if you want to know more about the Avali.

This is RyuujinZERO's furaffinity page, here you can see a lot of the Avali artwork he does. However be warned there is a little NSFW on his page.
RyuujinZERO Furaffinity:…


This is the Avali Wiki, a lot of the information here is outdated, however it does have a lot of nice photos and will give you the much deeper rundown of what an Avali is as a race,  in regards to there social structure, biology, and technology.
Avali Wiki:…


This is the original Avali Starbound mod, as well as the Triage reboot of the mod.
Avali Mod:…
Avali Triage Mod:…

And finally, (Shameless plug) Here is the AvalonMinistry group here on Deviantart, we have a substantially large gallery of Avali artwork collected over the years.


Sorry this post got a lot longer and more rambly then I wanted, but I still hope you got what you wanted to hear out of it.   If you have any other questions, and I do mean ANY feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer.  I love talking about the Avali. ^^

Also I forgot to ask... how's your day going?

PHOENIX21452 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018
Happy Birthday!~
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