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Moonstrike Ch. 11 - Relations
Rhea groaned and rolled over. Her eyes felt glued shut, but there was a sibilant hissing coming from somewhere, then a dog's whine. Blinking, she rubbed her eyes and stretched, then levered herself to her elbows. "Huh... who?"
"I'm sorry, sweetheart." Her father's voice woke her a little bit more. "I've been trying to coax Bodie here out for a walk. It's nearly noon..."
"Noon?" Rhea turned to look at her alarm clock. The blue numbers shone an accusing 11:46 at her, and with another groan, she flopped back down on the bed. "God, how long did I sleep?"
"As long as you needed, too, I'd say," Jeff replied with a chuckle. "Jet lag is a pain in the ass, isn't it?"
"Yeah, especially when you add the IDL to the mix." She pulled back the covers and swung her feet over the side of the bed. "Bodie, go."
The dog looked up at her, and she made a shooing motion. "Go, Bodie. Go w
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Moonstrike Ch. 10 - Homecoming
"TRAC 0004, requesting permission to land."
"Permission granted, and welcome home, all of you. Come join us in the dining room when you're ready."
Rhea smiled. "See you in a bit, Dad, and thanks." She looked over to John. "Dining room, at this hour? Sounds like the boys went out."
"Sure does. Not only that, they haven't been home that long, either. Wonder what went down." John surveyed his instruments, bringing the jet low over the water, heading for the landing strip. He flipped a switch. "Tin-Tin, we're making final approach."
"Thank you, John." Tin-Tin's voice filtered into the cockpit. "Everything's secured back here."
"F-A-B," John replied, grinning. Rhea glanced upwards, shook her head a little, then turned her gaze to watch the tarmac roll up towards the plane.
They touched down smoothly, and the jet slowed as it approached the smaller hangar door, which was already open
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Moonstrike Ch. 9 - Rescue
The danger zone...
"How do you think we should handle this, Scott?" Virgil and Gordon stood beside Mobile Control, waiting for instructions.
Scott rubbed his chin. "We're going to have to attack this from below the boy's position. Grab him from there and pull him down into a tunnel." He glanced up at the gathering storm clouds. "I've plotted the best route for the Mole, but we can't get it too close. You'll have to dig to get to the drainpipe, then use the lasers to cut a hole."
"Do you think there'll be working room in the pipe for head and shoulders?" Gordon was already wearing his protective suit, and had his bright orange hard hat under one arm.
"Don't think so, Gordon. From what the camera shows, there was enough room for little Jintao to slide in easily, but not much more. It's a miracle that he got caught by that root. Otherwise he would have fallen the entire length of the pipe."
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Moonstrike Ch. 8 - Travels
The next day
Rhea caught herself nibbling on her nail again as she waited in the lounge of the small Tracy Transport terminal. They had their own hangars at La Guardia, and the tiny terminal was situated right next to one of these. With the rise in private jet air travel, the smaller of New York's two airports had been revamped and made available for small jets, as well as the helijets that crossed Manhattan with alarming regularity.
Both Bodie and Bruno were at her side. She intended to keep both indoors as much as possible, to exercise them in the early morning, when the island was coolest, and ply them with as much fresh water as he could hold. Keeping them inside would be the most difficult of the tasks; they loved the island and the freedom to romp down the beaches.
She was dressed for New York's November; slacks, turtleneck sweater, warm jacket and comfortable shoes. Her few bags were set aside, as were two very large traveling crates, and a couple of sma
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Moonstrike Ch. 7 - Reasons
Same day - Tracy Island
"Hey, Virgil! Whatcha watching?" Gordon stopped his laps to speak to his brother, who was lying in the hammock, reading from a tablet.
As a response, Virgil merely showed Gordon his data pad. It showed New York Lifestyles televid show, and their sister sat in the studio's comfortable-looking interview set. She was seated in a wing chair; her up-swept chestnut hair, so close to Virgil's own color, was set off nicely by the cream satin stripes of the upholstery. She wore a tailored maroon business suit with covered buttons and a pair of coordinating pumps. Virgil froze the picture at a close up of her face; she was looking at the lens, smiling slightly, dimples showing, blue eyes seeming to twinkle with mischief. Overall, she exuded confidence, good-humor, and looked every inch the executive.
"Oh, that." Gordon shook his head. "It's a good interview, I guess, but I don't know why she had to say wha
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Moonstrike Ch. 6 - Contrasts
Mid-November, 2065 – Tracy Island
He ran along the beach, alone with his thoughts. Gray waves, stirred up by a storm at sea, crashed against the sand; the warm wind ruffled his dark hair. The morning air was laden with moisture though the day wasn't too warm as yet, and it didn't look as if the sun would show its face at all. His breath was even, not labored, though his blue Yale sweatshirt, its sleeves cut to the shoulder, was darkened with perspiration and humidity. The athletic shorts revealed muscular legs, tanned and hair-covered; they moved with a ground-eating, rhythmic pace. His arms pumped back and forth with his stride. Occasionally, the beach-devouring waves dared to touch his dirty white running shoes, dampening the high-tech fabric from without as his feet dampened them from within.
Occasionally he checked the plastic band around his wrist. A glance at the readout showed him his heart rate, respirations, how far he'd gone, and how fast he
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Moonstrike Ch. 5 - Alarms
Early September, 2065 – Lunar Station Armstrong
At the moon's north pole, plumbed deep within the huge lava tubes left from ancient lunar volcanoes, sat a half-circle of small communities. Carefully placed where underground ice and water had been discovered, each community was relatively self-supporting, each connected to the others by underground roadways, each helping the others to survive between the inadequate supply runs from Earth.
There had been plans for twelve lunar colonies; six had been built, all named for men and women who had walked the Moon's dusty surface. But the seventh had died a violent and untimely death before even leaving Earth's orbit, effectively putting paid to the project's future stages. It was difficult enough to get needed supplies to the remaining stations, what with complaints about project cost overruns, and dodging unexpected attacks by Tellus Prime. Still, mankind survived, holding on to their lunar beachhead by fingertip grip,
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Moonstrike-Ch. 4 Disappearance
Late July, 2065 - Thunderbird Five
John sat before his broadcast monitor, and said, "Deke, surf."
A disembodied voice with a decided Western drawl said, "Yes, sir."
The televid images flipped along, giving him three seconds or so before the next channel was presented. John leaned back in his chair, listening to the audio clips as they blipped by, using the skill he had honed from months on the station. The images were a blur to him; the sound was not. Finally, his ear caught a familiar name and he sat up. "Stop," he said. The channel wasn't the one he wanted, so he added, "Deke, reverse five."
The images jumped back five spots, but that wasn't the one he wanted either. "Reverse one more."
The monitor obeyed. The picture that appeared was a portrait of an older man, with neat dark hair and silver at his temples. The audio tuned in a split-second later. "...Dr. Heinrich Findelmeyer was found lying by the Castle of Aulencia, on the grounds of the European Space Astronomy
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Moonstrike Chapter 3 - Trust
July 2065 - Tracy Island
"Are you sure about this?" Jeff put the data pad that Brains had handed him on the speckled surface of his desk. He'd read it thoroughly twice. Ever since John and Brains, both sober-faced, had come to him with their pronouncement, he'd been turning things over and over in his mind. The World Government had announced the event, but had assured the population that there was nothing to fear, there was no threat to the Earth from the oncoming objects. Again and again, as various scientists and astronomers rose up to disagree, they reiterated their certain knowledge that there was nothing to fear. But here were his son and his chief engineer, bringing their own certain knowledge that, yes, there was a threat, and that International Rescue needed to develop a plan for dealing with it.
There really was no doubt about whom he truly trusted.
Now Brains had come to him again, sober-faced, with a recommendation. A plan so audacious, and so broad in scope, t
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Moonstrike Ch. 2 - Enemies
Some background...
They started out near the end of the twentieth century as the Society for Planetary Advancement. A noble enough sounding name, they supported population control efforts, development of alternative fuels, a halt to interplanetary exploration and study, and a number of other initiatives to stop the depletion of natural resources and over-development of open land. They staged protests, lobbied various governmental bodies, supported like-minded candidates, and tried to indoctrinate the young, among many other seemingly benign and non-violent actions.
When the world formed an international government, bent on keeping peace among the various nation-states, they felt their time had come. Through this one entity, they thought, they could reach their goals of slowly returning the earth to a cleaner, greener state, where everyone had enough food to eat, and all mankind treasured the world they lived on.
But they found it an uphill battle. The protection of worldwide hum
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Moonstrike Ch. 1 - Discovery
March, 2065 – Thunderbird Five, in geostationary orbit above the earth
John Tracy pushed his blond hair away from his face and frowned at the images his telescope had picked up. Around him, the station hummed and whispered; it was all still very new but he'd already learned to tune out the multitude of voices picked up by Five's sensitive antennae. The telescope was new, too, and he'd been trying to get some clearer pictures of the dwarf planet Pluto and its recently discovered fifth moon. Being as far away from earth as he was made the telescope in the astrodome particularly effective, and he was having fun playing with his new "toy".
However, something was occluding the images he'd taken. He'd run a series of diagnostics first, making sure that there were no flaws in the telescope itself. When the tests came up clean, he started a continuous scan for whatever it was. It didn't seem big, not yet, but a week's worth of data proved it to be moving. He was
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