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In honor of the movie Madagascar. Eh heh. You gotta love those psychotic penguins...
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frezeegirl's avatar
that looks very very painful
BrambleclawPrivate's avatar
Funny.Soon Private will die from being slapped alot.Ha ha.
PhantomBlast49's avatar
Slap him Skipper Slap him..(5min later)..ok Skipper enough slapping.....You better give him results Private.
DuckkisLV's avatar
Bwahah, gotta love the penguins, all of them.
cuzzythewolf's avatar
lmao, slap alittle lower and a snake gets bigger XD
AarlaShey's avatar
Dang, you gotta make this stamp!
A-Girl-Named-Chester's avatar
You go Skipper, slap the useless Private! JK, I love them all!
Slinkgirl95's avatar
LOL meanie Skipper XP
Battybatzgirl's avatar
I laughed when I saw this, and now I've just got to fav it
DragonQueen13's avatar
I love it when Skipper slaps people around. :)
Although I feel sorry for poor little Private...
SonicMasterCelebrian's avatar
ivythehedgecat's avatar
lol this is so funny. i always watch it
SaShA-93's avatar
hahaha luv it
"smile and wave boys, smile and wave"
Mastermindhunter's avatar
Ha That's my favorite part of the movie!
WarriorcatzluvMedi's avatar
poor private!
ha ha! Skipper's tough on his crew! XP
xchiploverx's avatar
o poor private*laughs a bit* but i forgive skipper :)
supermarshmallow's avatar
i love this scene!

Umeko-333's avatar
haha I love those guys. I also like the scene in the Christmas Caper short where skipper is slapping the bowling pin :'D
Cappippuni's avatar
Ah ah ah! Very funny avatar!

"Madagascar" is a very nice and funny animation movie!:)
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