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Screentone paper tutorial

I found this tutorial in my file,and I tried to translate it into English.
Pepople don't use traditional screentone papers nowadays,even myself seldom use it now.

However I still think I do much better with traditional tools than media tools :P
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Ah, thank you very much! Very helpful. I don't do digital art very much (I'm a traditional girl :D), and I recently bought some screentones, with not a very good idea of how to use them. Thanks!
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wow... thats a lot of work... it must be hard for a mangaka to publish one chapter weekly... XD
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Awesome, thanks! I'm buying some screentones today, and I have no idea how to use them. :D
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thank you thank you thank you!!! : D
when i do my screentones, it always cuts the paper, as well as the screentone. have any advice?
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Hi,sorry for the late reply.

I suggest you to use art knife,
it is more easy to control,just like using the pencil.

Also,you'll need to practice how to cut the paper softly.
You don't need to press the knife hardly if your knife is sharp enough.

For the furthur practice,try to scrape black paper with your knife without cut the paper.
This practice will help you have better controling with your knife.

I hope you can understand what I'm saying.It's not easy for me to explain it in English^^;
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:3 woo neat tutorial. :D
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Not useful for comic artists this days,people tend to color their comic now.
Just want to introduce to those who are curious about screen tone papers=_=
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well its still good to see how the people did it
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aah i really miss doing that thing. too bad screen tone is waaay to expensive for me T-T
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Me too.I love scratching it >_<
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Wow, so THAT's how its done! I didn't know how to do it... even with digital media... I should learn how to do it someday.
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I had no idea how it was done. I learned something today.
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Oh this is graet! I've been looking for a good tutorial for screen tones sheets as I bought a packet and wasn't sure how to use them.
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There are digital screentones now,I should do another tutorial about it.
Scratching screentone papers is a lot of fun:)
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Hm. So THAT'S how it works.
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I never knew that either.
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thats cool!!!!!!!!!
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