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En Kolkata-Chica de las flores by Tika-estudio En Kolkata-Chica de las flores by Tika-estudio
Esta es mi foto favorita de mi viaje a India.

Fue tomada en el "mejor tianguis del universo", Kalighat, cerca de la estación de metro del mismo nombre, Kolkata. Estaba yo maravillada enmedio del mar de gente que es ese sitio en Sábado, tomando fotos de lo que podía e intentando no tropezarme entre tantas personas (además el grupo con el que iba estaban caminando muy rápido) (algún día iré a Kalighat y me quedaré allí todo el día). Entonces, un grito sobresalió en medio de el caos: "Photo! Photo!"

Cuando voltée, esta mujer me estaba mirando, con su sonrisa lista para una fotografía. Desde luego, no me hice del rogar. Para mí, esa sonrisa debe ser la más bonita que he visto en mucho tiempo. No podría verse más linda, en mi opinión.

Muy seguido miro esta foto, preguntándome qué estará haciendo en estos momentos esta mujer, del otro lado del mundo. Si algún día vuelvo a Kalighat, creo que tomaré un rato para buscarla y entregarle su foto.

BONUS: Notaron a la señora enojada atrás? XD


This is my favorite photo from my entire trip to India.

I was in Kalighat, trying to follow the people I was with and trying not to fall because of all the people there. And then, somebody screamed "photo! photo!".

When I turned to this person, she was smiling, ready for her picture to be taken. Of course, i took it in that moment. For me, that smile is the most beautiful smile i've seen in a long time. Just, too cute, too perfect.

I see this picture very often, wondering what is this woman doing right now, at the other edge of the planet. If I go back to Kalighat someday I think I will go to the same spot where I saw her and I will try to find her so I can give her this picture.

BONUS: Noticed the old lady and the kid in the back? XD
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Dannaerys Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist

I am Brazilian and I was born in religion hare krishna ueheuhe ... well, here we call it a 'shack' when people start to fight in the middle of the street KKK sorry to use slang with you
Tika-estudio Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Nice! Well, during my stay nothing violent happenned to me. I was very carefull (for example, I didnt go out in the night or went to places all alone), so everything went good. But India can be a dangerous place, so its important to be carefull and not getting into any trouble.
Dannaerys Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist

Wow, and is it true what they talk about dirt and mess? I think India is beautiful and I do not see problems, it's their culture! Sorry for my curiosity
Tika-estudio Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hi! Its been too much time since I checked out my DA. To answer to your question, its completely true and its important to know it before going there. Specially in Kolkata.
Dannaerys Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist

My dream is to go to India.

In India shack will occur?
Tika-estudio Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Professional General Artist
Then go! Its an amazing, really amazing country. I was there only for two weeks and i've learned and saw sooo much! (I want to go back ;_;)

What do you mean by "shack"? Im sorry, english not my first language n.nU
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