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I figured I should give a plug to a comic I lettered. I've lettered a few comics but I usually don't advertise the fact since I'm usually trying to draw stuff nowadays. Here's a link for the info which I was credited for the lettering: Space Gumball by locofuria

Unfortunately you won't be able to read it unless you buy the comic, but I figured I'd let anyone following me know about it just in case anyone was curious. I've been following :iconlocofuria: who produced this comic, and many others, for a long while and got the opportunity to letter a few books. I would point you guys and gals to the others but I'm not sure I'm credited on the other ones. They're fun commissions to work on and gives me ideas on how I might possibly produce more comics of my own in the future.

Now let me get back to work! Just wanted to quickly put this out there.
Lazerhawk's "Skull and Shark" is my listening music when I'm trying to think like Skeletor.

I'm totally digging this cartoon. I thought I wouldn't like it from the first look of it but it's really well made. Good animation (almost like the Incredibles)and all of the cliches I love. It's a bunch of typical super-hero high school tropes. Bitchy classmate villains, unrequited love, secret identity bull, etc. My OC comic has all of the same cliches except for all of the sex stuff although they made the heroine very cute (almost sexy in a younger way). Most of the female villains are cute high school chics too. I haven't finished binging it but it's been pretty cool for the 1st couple of episodes.
Just writing a quick journal to let anyone who is into my Supergirl/Powergirl comic know about another similar comic. I colored a comic a little while ago and the person who commissioned me is posting the pages on Hentai Foundry. Since Deviantart rules prohibit me from putting a direct link to explicit material you'll just have to google the person's screen name (Anon2012) and Hentai Foundry. He posted the first page and will roll out the rest incrementally. R_ex drew it and Anon2012 wrote it. It features Supergirl and it's pretty wild. I don't wanna spoil anything so just check it out!
Hi all,
I wanted to try an experiment and give anyone reading this, and who are interested, the opportunity to give input into what occurs in my new comic - Pervtopia. Currently it features Supergirl and PowerGirl and the first page can be seen here:

Mature Content

Pervtopia Page 1 by TijuanaBibleScholar

If you are familiar with my work then you can imagine where this story will be going. If anyone would like to give input and have something they would like to see happen in a page please feel free to note me or email me. I'll post this very same opportunity on HF where people can probably post in the comments section without worrying about being graphic and so everyone else can see what people want to see.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to support me on Patreon (…)as well.

Inks (Single Character) April O'Neil by TijuanaBibleScholar: starting at $20
Red Sonja WIP by TijuanaBibleScholar Supergirl WIP inks by TijuanaBibleScholar

Inks and Color (Single Character simple to no Background) Power Girl Colored by TijuanaBibleScholar starting at $35

A Sequence Page Velma Werewolf TF by TijuanaBibleScholar Daphne Werewolf Tranformation by TijuanaBibleScholarShe-Wolf Transformation by TijuanaBibleScholarwould be $35 per sequence/character

Comic Pages (Prices vary according to complexity)

Mature Content

Pervtopia Page 6 by TijuanaBibleScholar

Mature Content

Stacy's Day Off Page 1 by TijuanaBibleScholar

Send a note or email to discuss comic page prices.

I also letter comics for $10 per page. Examples can be seen in any of my own comics.

Send me a note if interested or email me at Paypal Stamp by artist4com. Extra characters and backgrounds cost extra.

-Male on Male
-Futa on Male
-Traps (crossdressing males)

I'm open to most other fetishes but I may or may not post them anywhere.

I do private commissions for an extra %15 of total price. Private will not be posted by me on any website. I do not do sketches before payment. I like receiving full payment before starting any work. I will always keep you updated with progress drawings.

My uncensored work can be found on Hentai Foundry or My Tumblr page (which is the same name as here -tijuanabiblescholar)