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Just going for it. I created a group on Facebook for artist. Art Book. Anyone with a Facebook account?
Got a bunch of art waiting to share. The site isn't letting me upload any of it. Anyone else encountering any problems with this?
Looking at some of the art pages around my room, I realized there are images I had left undone. I am going to take a break from the internet for a short while to finish some works. I'll be back soon enough.
She walks through your minds halls. Shines through the darkness there. Brings light to the deepest moods. You can't escape the image of her face. She will always be there, and always on your mind.
I'm not going to be able to put any art on line for a week. I'll be back next week or so. Got to take care of some medical business.
I'm loving my new photo scanner, I can get these pics in fully!
The rain today is really getting on my nerves. I long for the sun. So I can go outside to do art there. Feel the crowds move on by as life is art.
Being chased by something in a place only in my dreams. A vast city of colors. I escape by changing into stained window panes. Moving from structure to structure as a wall or another stained glass window. Confusing the pursuer and moving into the world of art.
Walkin Out
a confusing wind
came about

the day was warm
the wind cold
marchin on
was causing harm

I saw a tree
lose a leaf too freely
falling like a teardrop
on a warm autumn day
longing for the spring
that's gone away

burning through the night
no sense to flight
no escape from my  plight

losin' a battle
my body a rattle
burning away need
to settle the battle
Characters I have not drawn, used or painted in years seem to be screaming in the shadows of my consciousness, let us live again!