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So, yeah, I haven't been active at all. I have to admit that even though submitting art is easier than ever (let's remind ourselves of dA a few years ago.. ughhh) I still don't like it. The whole page design is still too cluttered and all the Ajax everywhere makes it load for a long time and really uncomfortable to use with browser tabs. Also, since I'm really busy or out of ideas a lot of time there's not much to submit anyway, so I'd rather post about things that aren't strictly art, but the category system doesn't really like that idea. The thing with needing to have a paid membership to browse more easily or re-design one's profile doesn't fit me either. It just doesn't really have any personal feel about it - this just isn't home.  So I thought - let's face it, dA isn't really for me.

So I found an alternative -  blogging. And there it is!
>>>>  ;<<<< (*)

I will keep all my already submitted stuff here and I won't abandon it completely, since I still use dA to follow my favorite artists, friends' art and communication. But I highly doubt that I will update my stuff that much. I'll probably use it to reference my old things and show off my new works only in the blog, so stay tuned!

* - It's mostly in Estonian, sorry guys. If any questions emerge or you don't understand a thing, I'm happy to answer and translate though : )
i tidied my gallery. too bad there's a hiding function instead of "delete all selected". it keeps me thinking about how the old stuff could reappear thanks to a glitch or the next version