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Ignoring Vs. Flaming Stamp

By tiirikka
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...Because I felt I needed one. And I didn't find any from the stamps... So I desited to do one, which would fit for me. xD

Yeah, I'm getting tired this people bashing each other because they thionk differently-stuff, I'm getting tired to both anime haters and -lovers and constant pointing and so on, I'm sure you guys get what I mean. There is lot of aggressive stamps out there to smack people with certain taste or believes and I think those are just good example from bad taste. And even better, they acctually do matters worse.

I don't mean that people shouldn't state their own opinions, of course they should but man, do we REALLY have to bash each other all the time, why can't we just accept that those people are like that and these people like that and get over it? No one wins anyway. So don't hit people for no reason ok?

Comment if you use this. Template form [link] thanks ^zilla774
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LadyClassicalHobbyist Digital Artist
This stamp would probably get its point across with only the second and third frames. ("Seriously, I choose ignoring over flaming.")
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Totally agreed! I wish I did this a few years ago when I got involved with drama here, but I didn't. But since them, thankfully, I've decided not to get involved in any more drama.
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So true! Better to stay out of drama than to face it.
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SpiderFingers15Hobbyist General Artist
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Agreed and this is the stamp of all stamps! :thumbsup:
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LaszlVFXHobbyist Digital Artist
Wish everyone was like that...
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BlackBeastCVBProfessional Digital Artist
Agree and using.

If I see something I don't like, I just pass by and ignore. If it breaks the rules, I'll report it. But I won't lower myself to flame or take such art to any other shit-place to flame it. I'm far much better than that.
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I don't want to get involved with any of the drama that sometimes goes on around this website, so if I say I don't like pop music and then a user comes up to me because they think I'm being offensive, I'll just simply say to them, "That's fine. I just don't like it, that's all. I'm not trying to offend you. I just prefer the more unpopular kind of music. It's my opinion. Not everyone is going to like the same thing as you, because we're all different." (something like that), and then I'll just move on.

Therefore, I'm going to use this stamp because I do 100% completely agree with you right there!
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Yamatai-KokuHobbyist General Artist
True, i got some shit in a discord server because my anime profile picture and someone was calling a MOD a weeb. Plus how can they say all anime is for adult when some of the most popular anime ever is for children? Its just some stupid people saying stuff they dont understand, no research at all.
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Yamatai-KokuHobbyist General Artist
I mean, they are not wrong, it is often that anime has that, BUT NOT ALL THE TIME! They should at least say ''Not all the time''.

But also soul calibur's art is anime and its japanese sooo... What the hell?
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Yamatai-KokuHobbyist General Artist
Yeah but i think i over exagerated, i dont think its that often, idk all the anime. But he/she was being ignorant, i hate that. :grump: 
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Yamatai-KokuHobbyist General Artist
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foxeggsStudent Digital Artist
This speaks to mai soula <3 using!
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using this on my gallery ó v ò
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SkekLaProfessional General Artist
USING! -if you don't mind, of course ^^ ) This is perfect, thanks for having created it! ^^<3
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AliKatt0Hobbyist Digital Artist
The number of times I could've used this stamp and couldn't find it... only to see it's been here for 10 years... oi

Anyways, I agree. If I like or hate something I'll speak up, but I'm not gonna force another to change their opinion and I try and expect the same in return (though that isn't always the case unfortunately)

Usually I ask why someone likes/dislikes it to get a better understanding but that's it. The number of times I've been told to die or deactivate for the things I like is actually kind of funny. :P
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YanderePaiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gonna use this!
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Polarized-WolfHobbyist General Artist
That's honestly the best choice.
Just because you're offended,
Just because you don't like something..
And it doesn't give you the right to start a flamewar.
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solarshifterHobbyist Digital Artist
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