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I See You

A smaller piece based on a couple of simple puns (I'm not going to say them aloud, pretty sure they are painfully obvious).
I really tried for speed this time, while attempting to maintain the crispness I usually aim for.
Not really sure how I did on either and, in the end, this is kind of a compromise piece... not that I mind. c-:

I swear, one day I'll do a piece that doesn't have a blue or pink/green heavy color scheme. One day
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your art is so atmospheric and incredible! I'm in love with your style :heart:

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the good, if concise, best! Wonderful, poweful, meaningful image...
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is that an eye-phone? (*tudum-tch*)
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Yess, and the eye sees you!
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Government spying on you. Thankfully, I live in Canada where the government isn't so invasive. And I don't have a smartphone.
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The issue with smartphones and such is that basically anyone could be "spying" on you, and most of the people who are, were given permission to do just so by the very person who owns the device, because they don't bother reading the fine print on the devices and apps they get.

There still seems to be a very crucial rift between the convenience of the information age and one's personal privacy.

That being said, I've practically sold my soul to Google already, so I really have no right to preach. :-D
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I'm sticking to my 6-year-old ipod nano untill it dies. not in a while.
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Picture should be titled, "Eye-pad."
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Oh no no, I prefer my terrible puns obscure and vague!
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Ohh. The NSA :D
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I think what impresses me most about your art, is those little details that make it so much more special. e.g. in this one the boys wrists are a little chubby and the roll in his neck, it just kicks it up a notch.
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Haha, thanks!

My rendering style pretty much requires all those little things to work at all. c-:
I think without them everything would look really plastic-like and stiff, and that wouldn't be cool.
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Wow.. Youre probably the only person on DA that i actually want to buy art from. 
SO is there a story behind this one? Maybe this kid should go to bed before the demons
realize hes awake and take him away. >.<
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Aaaa, sorry for the late reply, I've been mad busy! :-s

And yeah, not a specific story, just the general idea that the new generation of kids might not
have the same kind lore about coming across cursed/forbidden/accidentally-demon-summoning
books in second-hand bookshops and libraries, and that stumbling cursed/forbidden/accidentally-
demon-summoning apps (that have the inbuilt ability to track and "see" you where ever you go
when you have your pad with you) could be a valid development of the same idea. c-:
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No its okay i understand i have work and needing to study all the time its hard to keep it up on here
just happy you took the time to reply since youre really inspiring. 

Oh wow that's a pretty awesome idea, be kinda cool yet scary carrying a demon with you. 
Reminds me of those animes where people die and haunt and kills others through their phone 
or computer. You never know, maybe spirits can inhabit technology..
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This is not just art. is real!
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So creepy and cool :D You're really amazing at perspective! 
tiianen's avatar
Haha, thanks! References were a big help when figuring out this stuff. c-:
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Casually gonna request this as a print... because I want to buy the hell out of a print by you to hang on my wall for all the world to see. No this got everything I like, the blue eerie lighting, a seemingly innocent kid caught up in a creepy situation and a bowl haircut (!!!). And everything executed in such a nice looking picture. Have I told you I want to eat art that I find good beyond words? I want this on a cake asap

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Asfdfds, casually adding it to my S6 store.

Glad to know I'm not alone in my obsession with bowlcuts! c-:

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I love the overall atmosphere of this so much! I had to say "i see you" several times before it registered in my head what you meant lol.
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Thank you! c-:
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