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IG: 1/1/2021

I read The Picture of Dorian Gray first time somewhat ten years ago. It didn't leave much of an impression at the time for I read it because it was described scandalous and it wasn't as wild as I expected. I used to read quite a lot then and for my shame I have lost the habit during the years. Anyhow, I decided to start listening audiobooks because I want to keep literature in my life one way or another. It's kind of funny that this time the story felt so much more captivating. Perhaps because my expectations were different or maybe I view things differently now. Here's my interpretation of Dorian Gray.

~ Dorian Gray ~

I was painted with beauty
But got drawn into scandalous life
Been avoiding laborious duty
And ended up living on the edge of knife

The bad influences couldn't be avoided
Because the taste is too sweet
I was set to experience all the flavors of life
Even the ones bittersweet
I worshipped life in all of its forms
While delivering death by breaking the norms
And breaking the minds
Of the ones I once so endeared

And for my soul I so feared!

I studied my inner self
With repulsion, disgust
Learned that improving oneself
Doesn't quite fix the deeds unjust
And all the selfless acts
Couldn't fool anybody
For those can't clear consciousness
So badly stained
And if I can't clear that consciousness
I must get rid of it somehow
Get rid of the pain
So no one can know
The shame

I didn't quite realize
Until it was too late
Despite my inner cries
Full of hate
That killing my soul
Would be
The end of me
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