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This theme was previously known has 'Ice Cream Sandwich'.

An experimentation to mimic the new theme designed by Google for Android 4.0. It includes a Gnome-Shell theme, a GTK3 theme and some Metacity borders. A simple GTK2 theme is also provided.

GTK3 theme required Unico and Adwaita engines.
GTK2 theme required Murrine and Pixbuf engines.

I suggest to remove the globalmenu (Ubuntu users only) and move the window controls to the left of the titlebar.

Licence: GPLv3

Icons: Faience
Wallpaper: Architecture (I choose this one for a better contrast in my screenshots but you should prefer the default one: link)


* Gnome-Shell: the wide black message train is replaced by a smaller one in the right corner
* GTK3: wider buttons in toolbars
* GTK3: an ugly red background I used for debuggind (and forget) is removed
* GTK2: no more borders for scrollbars
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