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Equinox Evolution Midnight

By tiheum
This theme needs Equinox GTK engine 1.40: [link]

Metacity and Chrome themes are also included.

Wallpaper: Instincts Do Affect by fancq [link]§ion=&q=instincts+affect#/d2y87yo
Icon theme: Faenza-Darkest
Licence: GPL3


=== 1.50 ===
* New engine option resizegripstyle
* Support of global menu (must be manually enabled, see README file)
* Better support of Ubuntu One Client One Client and Software Center
© 2011 - 2021 tiheum
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8-Cell-Art's avatar
would be awesome to see these be made available on gtk 3.4-3.8
Overlader's avatar
1qazxz's avatar
this is just great.
bichopro's avatar
Please make compatible with ubuntu 11.10. Thanks a lot
TheInterest's avatar
What's the wallpaper?
astronovice's avatar
Read the window's title.
nano-online's avatar
Beautiful theme, it looks great! -- I was wondering how can I change the background color for text editors (e.g. Gedit, OpenOffice) to a much lighter one? Thanks much in advance.
red32's avatar
What the name of the Dock you're using?
thelifelike27's avatar
I love this the best! So brilliant!
malisremac's avatar
This is the best dark theme! :D
skm-industries's avatar
pretty cool :)

Not sure if the package is broken or i lack a dependency, but when i apply this or any other of your recent Equinox variants it all goes a bit Windows 2000 - Standard Equinox themes look fine, though (installed those via ppa)
Zercius's avatar
Yeah, I got the same thing until I looked at Synaptic and realized that only version 1.30 of the gtk2-engines-equinox is in the repositories. You'll have to compile and install version 1.40 of the engine from the link above.
skm-industries's avatar
realised pretty much the same myself :)
all fixed now.
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