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Patriot of the Desert

I cleaned up my original movie concept design a little bit. I wanted to put Captain America in a realistic and contemporary environment. So I dropped him in the middle of a hot, war-torn desert. Hope you guys like it!
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I really like the subtle realism in this picture. The shield actually looks like something that would be kept in the White House, and he's actually wearing U.S. military fatigues under that armor.

Small things like that make me love people's artwork, and in this case they're so good they actually make me wanna forgive the fact that he still has the silly-looking original comic book wings on the sides of his cowling.

Also, what does that writing say around the star on his chest?
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Love this!  It is in the spirit of a pic my friend did in our RPG days.  Sadly, in one of my moves my bag was lost or stolen and I lost the only copy.
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Great work! Cap forever! 👍🏻
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I think the shield should be bigger, but overall great work.
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Wow! This is amazing! :iconclapplz:
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That's boss. i love this design
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nice armor ^_^

this is what I call real art to me the moma in nyc is so damm boring
all this art work inspires me to start drawing again
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i'm honored that i could help! :thumbsup:
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Sick great detail especially in the writing
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Great outfit. He really looks invincible :)
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The detail and colouring is very impressive. I really love it X3
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thanks a lot! :thumbsup:
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We featured this artwork on our blog "Must See The Avengers Illustrations [[link]
our Twitter [[link]
our Facebook [[link]
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