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Batman Beyond

This is a concept/mock teaser poster for what I thought could work for a Batman Beyond movie. Enjoy!

**UPDATE** I gave this piece a bit of an upgrade.
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This is remarkable 
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WOW THIS IS GREAT! I love that drawing.  Is this in photoshop?
My idea for the cast:

Logan Lerman..... Terry McGinnis/Batman

Clint Eastwood..... Bruce Wayne

Jamie Lee Curtis..... Barbara Gordon

Rihanna..... Maxine "Max" Gibson

Chloe Bennett..... Dana Tan

Sam Worthington..... Stanley "Mad Stan" Lebowski
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Very cool.  Just started watching the show, and this is exactly how I picture the armour in the physical world.
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You're totally welcome, dude.
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Yes, this looks like itt might feature in a movie, black tactile membrane covering mouth is really awesome! 
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dude, you're right on the money...that's exactly what i was going for :).  the mouth area is covered with the same material as the rest of the suit.  i imagined the suit exterior being an extremely durable 'second skin' that is thicker (bulletproof, even) around vital areas and super thin in areas that need maximum flexibility.
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Ahha! That's just great! :D This has a very Nolan-istic batsuit look however keeping it futuristic!
Might I ask what you use for this rendering? And/or if you could do a video of a step-by-step walkthrough for beginners in this line?
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i used mostly photoshop (painting, effects, etc)...although, i used illustrator for the suit lines and background, and sketchbook pro for the early sketches. i don't have anything set up for this one, but walkthrough vids are definitely something i'll be considering for future concepts. thanks for the feedback. :)
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Great concept for the suit!
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Brilliant concept love the background and the detail is magnificent well done
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thanks so much! :)
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*gasps* This is Beyond amazing!! XD
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thanks a lot! :thumbsup:
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Your welcome amazing poster I would love to see this movie :D 
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Awesome, I really would love to see a live action movie. It was a great T.V series. 
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thanks! Batman Beyond on the big screen could be amazing. :thumbsup:
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thank you very much! :)
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Amazing art! I love Batman Beyond edition, What have you used?
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