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Okhong Draw Me a Sheep Entry - Adriyel

This is an entry for the "Draw me a sheep" contest in :iconokhong: 's contest. I couldn't resist. ;-; I have a soft spot for sheep...and I have a pretty nice collection of wool blankets and clothing that kind of inspired me towards his attire. >>;

SO details:

Name: Adriyel
Name Meaning: "Of God's Flock" (Hebrew)
I chose to look for Hebrew names because sheep/shepherds have a lot of meaning to the Hebrew culture and Bible stories as a whole. As Easter approaches, I thought it was appropriate.
Gender: Male
Species: Ram (male sheep)
Adriyel is a quiet, gentle soul. He's shy, meek, but has the heart of a lion. He has no desire to ever leave the wood of his people and sees them as part of his own flock. He especially admires Boursin, who he sees as something of a father figure both for appearances and his gentle, protective nature, and Daghny, who he often spends time with. He'll open up a little more to Daghny than the others as he'll depend on her to help keep his wool under control and quietly grow fascinated with her craft. He'll grow up learning to play the pan flute and often stake out a watch where he can see the majority of the wood from a high up vantage point. While not the best of fighters, he'll be among the first to defend the wood if it comes down to it.

Random tidbits:
- He's both a sheep and a shepherd. He'll carry a shepherd's cane and a sling to defend himself if necessary.
- He'll not speak a lot- if at all. Most may come to assume that he's mute. This isn't because he has an odd voice or anything, he's just the quiet sort.
- If he goes too long without being shaved he'll be cranky, broody, and hide himself away. SHEEP NEED SHAVING!
- He'll HATE the rain and water- especially if his wool is a little long.

Plot points:
I would love to develop him through RP and interaction! I would love for him to spend a lot of time following Boursin around, especially when his horns start to develop. He might go through a period where he gets a little scrappy. I'd also like for him to help contribute to a lot of the clothing of the other Beeguh with his wool. Eventually I do want him to run into some kind of confrontation and have to learn his own limitations as well.


All of this is a little vague- I borrowed some of the mod's characters but I can't get the image out of my head. >A>; Little sheep going OAO;;;; As someone makes something PRETTY out of his wool. He'll have to bundle up, especially if he's shaved in the spring or fall. XD Why not wear his own wool?

Anyway~ ENJOY MY ENTRY. It's sloppy but ;-;
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giz-art's avatar
I love him !!! So sweet, and gentle and SO beautiful clothes !!!!

I really must think of a less cruel contest idea next time...
This one was a super tortture... Honestly....

Thank you so much for entering dear !!!!! he's so awesome !!!
Tigryph's avatar
I'm glad you like him! LOL I'm sorry ;3; I love the group and I want to contribute!

The clothes I got inspiration from our local wool mills! They make the most beautiful stuff. ;3; It's called Pendleton Wool Mills if you want to look at them! I have a few of their blankets and lots of their clothing. XD It's worth it!

XD :noogies: Itw as a fun game!
giz-art's avatar
Oooh... Lovely shop !!
I must take a bit more time to look at this this week-end !!!

5 seconds hug 
Tigryph's avatar
It is! I love wool stuff. One day when Snipe and I have more money we want to send you a blankie! They're SO warm. ;3; I love them. 

:hugs you lots!
kineko's avatar
Awww, this is adorable!! Both the concept and the art!
Tigryph's avatar
Thank you! ;3;
Maiwenn's avatar
OMG ! He's so cute and I love his clothes !!!! ;^;~:heart:
Hahaha, dirt is fatal on white fur, it's hard not to become a clean freak because of this... XD;;;
Aaaaaw, he would stick with Boursin and Daghny the cutest way ever. I can picture them together so well ! ;w;~:heart:
Really lovely concept. :love:
Tigryph's avatar
Thank you! ;; I love wool clothes. ><; I had to play around with it. >_>;;
Oh yes XDD I also had to doodle him shaved >_>; Cause. Shaved sheeps lol...

It would be cute ;-; Bour with his "Daddy horns" and Dag needing wool for her crafting. It would be a lot of fun >< They need someone that won't go running off into trouble too. ;;

Thank you! ;; I had to try!
Maiwenn's avatar
A shaved sheep beeguh... I NEED to see this.
Have you ever seen videos of shepherds sheep shearing ? Because it is... well... Let's say that Daghny better find a more courteous way to do it. XD;;;;
Tigryph's avatar
I should draw him XDD And yes LOL It's not very nice. >_>; I think the first few times he'll throw fits but eventually he'll go. "OH. Well. That feels good. Okay."
Nefermeritaset's avatar
Nice concept indeed ! I like the idea of him trying to "compete" with Boursin's horns. 
Tigryph's avatar
Thank you so much! And yes XD I think he might have a headbutt stage. >>
Nefermeritaset's avatar
As a proud Aries (see profile picture) I can understand that. :XD:
Almy-Nol's avatar
He's way too adorable! This is such a lovely character concept. 
Tigryph's avatar
Thank you! ;; He's a cutie- I had to enter the contest.
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