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Genshin Impact Wish Meme - Lir

I had to hop on this bandwagon! By far the most requested character for me to toss into the Genshin universe is Lir!
Sadly, they don't have a light element so I went with electro since it's the closest thing they had to light- I figure Lir can whip out his lute for a burst move!

I admit I had way too much fun coming up with an over the top bard's outfit for him- poor Lir rarely gets to go full bard. XD
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This is SO epic! The glowy lightning effects with all the dancing music notes (playing the lute as a burst attack is *brilliant*!), all the shiny gold and blue accents, and that CLOAK! I adore all those layers, especially the bit over his shoulders and the long tails in the back. Artists creating Genshin Impact versions of their original characters makes me so happy, and now you! :la: Lir is gorgeous, and I'd definitely wish for him! :heart:

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I'm so glad you like it! ;; I was so blown away by yours that I had to do the meme justice!

I'm kind of in love with his cloak >A> Maybe one day Maeth will actually let him wear something like it XD

I'm glad you like my sad boy! ;w;