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Cae - 2018 Reference

  • Name: Cae | Happy |
  • Race: Ambronian (Formally Ti-Hin)
  • Gender: ♀
  • Height: 6'
  • Wingspan: 20'
  • Affinity: Soul
  • Element: Fire
  • Summon: Khet (Lion/Horse/Dragon)
  • Weapons: Bow & Arrow
  • Languages: Ti-Hin & Common
Cae belongs to :iconkohustudios:

Cae was a spit fire and with a short temper as a younger girl. She spent nearly half a century in the fires of war. While she remains a force of nature when angered, Cae learned both courtly tact and how to harness her aggression in a practical way. She serves as the binding agent of the order, showing a gentle hand when needed and one that ignites the fire in the bellies of her comrades in the other.

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Have you ever gotten into adoptables much? I haven't made many myself, but wingers adoptables tend to sell pretty well. 
Tigryph's avatar
I tried a few times- I have two groups on my front page (Deer and doggos). I have a private group for Zelda stuff but..well I can't give my art away xD; My wingers are a personal species for a very personal rp so I'd not give them away >>;
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We'll start the bidding at $10,000.
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Nuuu ;A: Not Cae!
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AWW YISS!  More ParaChiMar refs!!

Cae's design is so great!  I love the mesh of black and white themes with the bold red of her clothes!  She definitely looks like the type who would kick butt in battle--I do not doubt her warrior skills!  It's also good to know that she has a soft side too, as seen with Zaid :D

Tigryph's avatar
YUS! ;; I'm so slow! 8D....and my refs are boring. One day I'll have the talent to make something better.

Thank you ;; All credit to :iconkohustudios: ! She's her baby XD
Oh yeah she's a fire-breather for sure >> She's gotten better with her temper but if you touch one of her babies, her idiot, or one of her friends she will fite you all day. XD
She does ;3; She's come home with several war-orphans and puppy eyes. Zaid's foster-dad to more kids than he knows what to do with XD...and he's pretty much a big kid himself. 
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No worries!  And this seems like a good ref to me!  I haven't even made proper ref sheets for my comic characters *RIP*

Oh, nice!!  It's cool that you guys share the characters from this story!  I did that with my sister with our very WIP superhero comic that we'll get around to working on again..someday!

Well she compliments Zaid and his kickback attitude very nicely (I'm betting she's the parent the kiddos are scared of when they get into trouble lol)
Tigryph's avatar
Refs are so hard XD; I'm still struggling with consistency in my style. It's good to have refs but man I hate doing them XD;

Yus! ;-; I love it, I feel it's more alive. We just have a lot of clean up work to do XD;
<A< Oohhh I want some deets!

Oh she does XD She's the fire dragon that tamed the whirlwind. And yes >_> Because Zaid is both a huge pushover and acts like a kid himself. Cae has to grab both kid and Zaid by the ear at times. XD
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Seriously!!  They really are a good idea though since you won't have to continually flip through sketchbooks and hard drives when trying to remember how to draw a character ^^;

Yeah, I can see what you mean!  It's really fun to have someone else to work on a story with! :D
Here's the folder with all you need to know about em!

Haha!  Hopefully some of her responsibility will rub off on him eventually xD
Tigryph's avatar
YUP. >_> Course that's when they get a scar, change races (In PCM's case... like Cae here XD), cut their hair, grow into a new style...
AUGH. They turn into little real people. That live in our head. ....we're a little nuts. XD

It is! ;; It kind of keeps you on your toes! Ooh >> :going to lurk that yup:

... maybe >>; but his element is wind. And he's totally flighty- no pun intended. XD
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LOL I need to update my Character Bibles for all my stories with info like that--I've been changing a lot of things lately for different universes and need to keep everything straight, or else I'll be in trouble when I start writing in them again! ^^;

If you got any questions, feel free to hmu on Discord!  I'm realizing it's sort of a jumbled mess in that folder since I started experimenting with different settings for the story a while back when my sister and I thought about changing things up ^_^;

lol Just like Aang! Aang Emote 
Tigryph's avatar
I've actually started a spreadsheet in google >>; Dusty's helping me keep it organized because I'm about as Excel savvy as I am able to fly LOL

No worries! ;A; I may harass you there anyway XD Gabbing is fun. And OC torture. Mostly that >>

LOL Well. Aang could at least be wise. Zaid would get his tongue stuck to a flag pole if someone dared him. >>;
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That is a fascinating character!
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