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Best place for a nap

Everyone's doodling younger versions of their Beeguh and I had to try my hand at little Masud because...kittens.

Kittens are great. Kittens have a logic all of their own. Masud was no exception when he was little. He was revered as a god upon birth, removed from his birth-parents, and raised within the palace. He got to do literally whatever he felt like doing when he felt like doing it. One thing that the crew in the palace learned very quickly was that

They make him a golden bed? Nah. He would rather fall asleep in a box of hand towels fresh out off the drying lines. They make him hand crafted toys? Nah. He'll chase after the sash of a priest or bat around a leaf. Heck- he'd run as fast as possible through the halls for no reason. Just full boar up and down, bouncing off walls, attacking dust motes, and terrorizing any vertical scrap of fabric. But the he'd be found crashed out- sleeping in the strangest places twisted around in ways that are less than dignified. Why? Cat.

Quickie- kind of a stress relief piece for myself. It's not been a good few weeks and I needed to do something easy to unwind.

Masud belongs to the :iconokhong: group!
Masud by giz-art
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The cutest ! I'm dying ! Isn't this the smile of a fulfilled life ? Trolling AND napping... X'D
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Oh yes XDDD Kittens always have this smug look when they sleep. They know they're cute so they can get away with anything! Beware Okhong boxes- they are now beds.
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He is so cute! Love the pose and content smile  =) 
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Thank you! I just adore sleeping kittens. xD They look so peaceful- I couldn't resist giving Mas the kitten treatment.
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Awwwwww, baby Masud... so fluffy...
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It's a trick! He will lure you in to your doom!
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So much adorable..... PLZ Unlike Comic - Pink Heart
He does not need to be dygnified on human standards anyway. He's a cat !! HE IS the picture of perfection.
If some inferiors creatures cannot understand that. Well.. It's kind of logical, they just can't ! It's not their fault XD
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Clearly! Silly inferiors don't understand. Box is the best place, running at full speed is magic, and cat fur on everything is an honor! 

Haha XD I love baby animals. >> I had to make a baby version with all the baby bear and bunnies floating around!
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Lol. Kitten in all kinds of ways.
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Always kitten. Never not kitten.
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Aww, this is adorable! :heart:
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Thank you! I had to have kitten!version XD Cause kitten.
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Why are kittens cute? Cuz cat.
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Cause cat. They have a law all their own. XD
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Their own world~
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