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A new day

I'm not dead, I swear!
I've been working on this super super belated Christmas gift for Dusty! It's gone through a lot of tweaking, fixes, revisiting, and...finally I settled on a simple background because nothing else really was working well. I wanted to do something with a warm, hopeful light given the chaos of this year- and given the domains (Patience and Loyalty) of the couple. ;w;

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I do feel warm and hopeful looking at this, also free because of how HUGE their wings are. In my mind you're the "Wing Artist" XD

Glad to see you still blessin' us with your beautiful work, sis.

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LOL I'm honored to be the wing artist! I love drawing them ;w; Shading them is getting a little easier >>;

Thank you so much ;w; I'm honored to have you liking it!

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Winged people are awesome

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