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Hui icon by Tigress144
Marked - Royal - Enlightened  Team Ribbon Podhouse Flag 25x25 Sprite 

Level : 21

HP:30 | ATK:20 | SPD:20 | STH:20 | DEF:20 | EXP:00 
Name: Hui (暉:bright)
Owner: Tigress144 
Gender: female
Age: adult
Species: Kryptox - common
PASSIVES: Automatic Novice Arcane
  Bullet; Pink Ally Bonus: Can earn all 6 Tools from the Continental Trials
  Bullet; Pink Questing Bonus:+10 Speed
Occupation: Shop owner

  Hui is hard working, confident, loud and straight forward. She always speaks her mind and can't hide her emotion, though she's not the type that get embarrassed easily. She own a shop and is the one that provide goods for it. Love kids and alcohol. Hate Caprisikorn.

Registered Forms

• All skill forms
• All swirl form
• All aura form

Tigress144 by PillowRabbit Chicken fornlee form by Tigress144l bee proof l  Hui lion by Tigress144lion
s01 by Tigress144 s02 by Tigress144  Red noodle by Tigress144new dragon form color l    Hui aura froms by Tigress144


Fluffian Portalpass by Kandy-CubeBeania Portal pass by griffsnuff
Lesser Magic Diploma by griffsnuff
Farmers Diploma by griffsnuff

[•] B Immigration [•] C Immigration [•] Awakening 
[•] Farming [] A Farming [•] Fishing [] A Fishing [•] Gardening [] A Gardening
[•] Building [] Housing [•] Den
[••••] Novice [] Apprentice [] Grandmaster [••] Eather [] Luck
[•] Ally [] Occupation [•] B Discovery [] C Discovery [] F Discovery
[•] H Seedling [] C Seedling [•] H Smol fry  [] C Smol fry [•] H Beedkeeper  [] C Beedkeeper [•] Soulmate
[] Fitness 101 [] Fitness 102 [•] Husbandry 101 [] Crafting 101 [] Creative writing 101
[] Humanities [•] Titans 101 [•] Titans 102 [•] Magic 101 [] Magic 102
[] Chakra study [] Terra study [•] Familiar Session [] Beast session [] Critter session
[•] Social [•] Magic [] Skill [] Companion [] Weapon [] Elemental
[•][•] Magic charm upgrade



:bademoticon::bademoticon::bademoticon: (x)(x):bademoticon::bademoticon::bademoticon: (x)
  2017 l Nov  Dec
  2018 l Jan Feb Mar


259 - Oolong Tea by TheKingdomOfGriffia Cha Ye 2.0 by Tigress144[Soulmate] #259 Tox tracker - Cha Ye
Best friend and soulmate. They know each other since they can remember and know each other's mind like their own. Their relationship is like a very close siblings. 
873 - Asian Rice by TheKingdomOfGriffia[Ally to soulmate] #873 BB tracker - Yujin
First child. Hui spent a lot of time with them teaching basic outdoor work and trained them to work as merchant, while Ye teached them book knowledge.
bonus: --

Foolee #062 - Flood Waters by Beaniamasterlist
[Ally] Foolee 062 tracker- Noah
First clerk of the retail shop and housekeeper. Though they start out with employee-employer relationship, now they are close friend and part of the family.
bonus: While allied can replace 1 step in any Trial, Training or Class that has more than 1 step with their ‘Dummy Step’ image
Bavom #018 by Beaniamasterlist

Parasplicer #158 - Haunted by Beaniamasterlist[Ally] #158 D Parasplicer tracker - Gospel
Acquintance. Hui adores him. To her, Gospel looks like a curious kid lost in unfamiliar place.
bonus: Can do all Trials out of order, Can now shapeshift head, arms, legs, wings, and tail into item

423 - Fish n Chips by TheKingdomOfGriffiaName: Caspian l drinking friend

Registered Companions 

Floop #261 by Beaniamasterlist(+5) Paraglire #045 by Beaniamasterlist(+1) Dyst Bunny #044 by fluffiamasterlist(+1) Dyst Bunny #043 by fluffiamasterlist(+1)
Snych #051 by Beaniamasterlist(+1) Snych #050 by Beaniamasterlist(+1) Snych #049 by Beaniamasterlist(+1) Snych #048 by Beaniamasterlist(+1)

Soulmate's companions

MM Balk #018 by ModMonsterMash(+5)  Dyst Bunny #007 by fluffiamasterlist(+1)  Allpea #009 by Beaniamasterlist(+1)
SEC Tracker 

Registered sidekicks

Hatched: Swirlie l Magus l the rest
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minicup Hui by Tigress144 APRROVED FORMS minicup Hui by Tigress144
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• Full mutationHorn, colored eyes(white pupils), Aura sprout, fangs, Double frills, Long fur, Genie aura arms have claws and fur 
• Winged
: Wings, Genie aura tail shaped as bird tail
Hui mutation sets by Tigress144
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Aura form : Genie aura as bagbean arms and long tail, Elf ear fluff, Witch soulstone on chest(under poncho)
01 by Tigress144
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Tigress144's avatar
15 peas
Gala - red string 2 by Tigress144 x3  Gala - Passion fruit 2 by Tigress144 x3  Gala - Seeing Hearts 2 by Tigress144 x3  Gala - Chocolates 1 by Tigress144 x3  Gala - Candle 1 by Tigress144 x3 
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39 peas
Monthly time tree : Hui 4 by Tigress144 x7  Ye+Hui Titans 102 : Attuning to Terradragon by Tigress144 x7  Style Challenge (Jan 19) Purple monochrome by Tigress144 x4  Yujin Love bean hatching trial 1 by Tigress144 x14  Gala - Seeing Hearts 1 by Tigress144 x7 
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53 peas
Ye+Hui Titans 101 : Attuning to Guardians by Tigress144 x7  Ye+Hui Fishing trial by Tigress144 x35  Monthly Bot - Feb 2018 by Tigress144 x4  Style Challenge (Jan 12) Painting by Tigress144 x0  Fetch Friday - Icy Path by Tigress144 x7
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42 peas
Ye+Hui Capria Immigration trial (1/6) by Tigress144 x7  Ye+Hui Capria Immigration trial (2/6) by Tigress144 x7  Ye+Hui Capria Immigration trial (4/6) by Tigress144 x14  Ye+Hui Capria Immigration trial (6/6) by Tigress144 x14  Style Challenge (Jan 4) Pointilism by Tigress144 x0 
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62 peas
Hui aura froms by Tigress144x8  [TT] New Year by Tigress144x7  Ye+Hui Gardening trial by Tigress144x35  Monthly Bot - Jan 2018 by Tigress144 x4  Hui skull froms by Tigress144 x8 
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42 peas
Monthly time tree : Hui 2 by Tigress144 x7  Social training x80 by Tigress144x3  Ye+Hui Husbandry 101 Companion Ready by Tigress144x13  Fetch Friday - hidden present by Tigress144x12  Monthly time tree : Hui 3 by Tigress144x7
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26 peas
Swirl sketch by Tigress144x4  BTA cetus 2 by Tigress144x7  [TT] Campfire by Tigress144x7  [Prompt] Baking contest by Tigress144 x7  It's Pockey day by Tigress144x1 
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34 peas
Trick or treat : Pisum 2 by Tigress144x7  Trick or treat : Pisum 3 by Tigress144x7  Trick or treat : Peadersen 2 by Tigress144x6  BTA cetus 1 by Tigress144x7  Monthly time tree : Hui 1 by Tigress144x7
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49 peas
Hui icon by Tigress144 X4  sketch dump 01 by Tigress144x1  Punishment game by Tigress144x0  Ye+Hui Soulmate trial 1/2 by Tigress144x22  Ye+Hui Soulmate trial 2/2 by Tigress144x22 
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2 peas
Chilly Hangout by WolfLover595x1  Rain in Spring by puffriskx1  Tigress144 by NemesisAirArtx0  Tigress144 by PillowRabbitx0
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Level 20-21
Eather trial  (x)
 21  Ally trial (x)
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LVL 20- approved!
LVL 21- approved!

Your Griffian has officially reached Level 21!

Currency - Silver Coin by BankOfGriffia x10  Shapeshifter Bean by BankOfGriffia x1 and 10HP!

Approval Comment:comments.deviantart.com/1/7416…
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Level 15-19
Titan 102: Attuning to Terradragons (x)
 16  Magic 101: Magic Theory Course (x)
 17  Smol Fry Daycare Hatching Trial (x)
 18  Seedling Daycare Hatching Trial (x)
 19  Beed Keeper Daycare Hatching Trial (x)
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LVL 15- approved!
LVL 16- approved!
LVL 17- approved!
LVL 18- approved!
LVL 19- approved!

Your Griffian has officially reached Level 19!

Currency - Gold Coin by BankOfGriffia x15  Reversal Potion by BankOfGriffia x1  Aura Bean by BankOfGriffia x1  Magic Bean by BankOfGriffia x1  Hollow Potion by BankOfGriffia x1
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Level 12-14
 • Capria Immigration trial
 • Titans 101: Attuning to Guardians
 • Fishing trial
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Level 9-11
 • Social training
 • Husbandry 101: Companion ready
 • Gardening trial
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