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591 - Popsicle
Marked - Royal
Pea count: 1027
Arts by me: 969 l Arts by others: 85
HP: 20 l Attack: 00 l Speed: 00 l Stealth: 00 l Defense: 00
Name: Pride
Nickname/s: Pop
Owner: Tigress144 
Gender: neutral, more on male side
Age: Young
Species: Bagbean; NomNom - popsicle
  PASSIVES: Automatic Novice Taming Magic + Earn 1 extra drop during the Monthly Time Activity Loot claim
Occupation: Snow plower, hobbyist inventer

 - young and childish
 - Creative - try making new kind of popsicles in his free time
 - Hoarder - "I might need this later", will upset if you throw his things away
 - Sweet tooth

Creation information: CTA #6
Designer: griffsnuff

Registered Form

[Comm] Sprouty Pop by AscyndYoung age
Melting Popsicle by Tigress144(Eather hair+Eather growth+Slim innard+Ghost limbs)

Registered Companions

Snych #045 by Beaniamasterlist(+5)  Snych #044 by Beaniamasterlist(+5) Griffon #025 by Beaniamasterlist(+5) El - 043 by capriamasterlist(+1)  Cropea #074 by Beaniamasterlist(+1)
Lucky Pod by Tigress144Pod the lucky familiar


Beania Portal pass by griffsnuff
Builders Diploma by griffsnuffFarmers Diploma by griffsnuff

 Social training


Pride's bag by Tigress144


:bademoticon::bademoticon::bademoticon:(x)(x) l  l  


l Big brother figure
873 - Asian Rice by TheKingdomOfGriffiaYujin l big brother figure/old friend, they went to earth together. Yujin is like 10 years older than Pride.
  Kryptox TTox Tracker - Hoarder Dragon - Saendrayl

Current Level = 000
Total Pea Count = 000

Art by Me: 000 | Art by Others: 000 | Literature: 000

Registered Forms
(images here)
Registered Allies
(allies here)
Registered Companions

Name:  Nacht
Species: Mod Monster Mega - MM Nox #015
Documentation: Harmony Mission Complete! (Proof)
Companion Bonus:  +5 Peas
Questing Bonus:<
 Saendrayl l Transcendent tox l Friend, Pride is a part of their show team

© 2017 - 2021 Tigress144
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Courses l Training l Classes l Studies l Sessions
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x2 Hollow Beans [March 12th, 2018]
Ghost Limb Mutation. Slime Innards Mutation (blue). 

x1 Star Root
 [March 8th, 2018]
Eather Fur mutation

x1 Star Root
 [February 24th, 2018]
Eather Hair mutation
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• 1 April loot •
Monthly time tree : Pride 3 by Tigress144  Loots: Smol Currency GCx3, Star BeanSwirl Bean 
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Bullet; Yellow Literature Bullet; Yellow 
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Bullet; Purple Level up! Bullet; Purple 
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Level 12-14

  12. Hatching Seedling Daycare trial comments.deviantart.com/1/7054…
  13. Fluffia Immigration trial comments.deviantart.com/1/7040…
  14. Gardening trial comments.deviantart.com/1/7040…
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LVL 12- approved!
LVL 13- approved!
LVL 14- approved!

Your Griffian has officially reached Level 14!

Jar of Lure - Honey by BankOfGriffia x1  Jar of Lure - Algae by BankOfGriffia x1  Jar of Fertilizer by BankOfGriffia x1

Approval Comment: comments.deviantart.com/1/7416…
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LVL 9-approved!
LVL 10-approved!
LVL 11-approved!

Your Griffian has officially reached Level 11!

Glow Potion by BankOfGriffia x1  Dye Bean by BankOfGriffia x1  Jar of Lure - Sap by BankOfGriffia x1 and 10HP!
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Level 4-5

Novice Magic Trial:  comments.deviantart.com/1/7054…
  • Husbandry 101: Companion Ready: comments.deviantart.com/1/7083…

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Bullet; Blue Art by me Bullet; Blue 
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