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G3 - 177 Misty Grove by capriamasterlist [REBASED] Warrden #008 - Soil Swirls by fluffiamasterlist
Level : 7
Pea count : 1000

Art by me: 1000 l Art by others: 0
HP:10 | ATK:00 | SPD:00 | STH:00 | DEF:00 | EXP:00 

Name: -secret-
Nickname/s: Kijin, Jin, Tenki
ID: Warrden #008 / 177 Guardian
Owner: Tigress144 
Gender: Agender
Age: Very old
Species: Warrden/Guardian

Place of origin: misty hill on Earth
Occupation: Guardian

Personality: Arrogant / Serious / Very less sympathy / Will not tolerate nuisance

They're once worshiped as god in human world. Humans pray to them for protection, luck, and weather. They used to getting lots of respect, but when Guardians immigrate to griffia, all of that vanished and they just become another common creature. This make them upset. They tends to judge people base on how one treat them. Though they are not completely unreasonable, they tends to be bias. But if they ever find out that someone just kiss their ass, that one will be heavily punished.

:bademoticon: Different Tail
:bademoticon: Aura Sprout, All Seeing


Kijin crystal faunt form by Tigress144Crystal perfaunt
Kijin Eather bean form by Tigress144Elemental eather bagbean



Social training




Registered Companions 

El - 042 by capriamasterlist(+5): Shoo - Alpha ealeg. Kijin unintentionally tamed her, but she seems to know how to behave so they don't mind her existance. Her hissing sounds like sshhhhh... so Yujin named her Shoo.
El - 115 by capriamasterlist(+5): Pearly - (pear-ly) Young and playful. Got tamed around the same time as Shoo. At first, Kijin likes her better because she's beautiful, but later they find her bothersome so they just let Yujin take care her most of the time

Soulmate's companions

Snych #082 by Beaniamasterlist(+5) Reed #148 by fluffiamasterlist(+1) Reed #203 by fluffiamasterlist(+1) El - 163 by capriamasterlist(+1)
Allpea #009 by Beaniamasterlist(+1) Cropea #085 by Beaniamasterlist(+1)


873 - Asian Rice by TheKingdomOfGriffiaYujin - [Soulmate, Ally] Kijin's new treasure
259 - Oolong Tea by TheKingdomOfGriffiaCha Ye - [Ally to soulmate] Yujin's father. Kijin doesn't like him so much.
66 - Kryptox by TheKingdomOfGriffiaHui [Ally] - Yujin's mother and Kijin's friend.
AC- 211 Good Omens by capriamasterlist Raku [Ally] - Kijin's child/pupil 
Foolee #062 - Flood Waters by BeaniamasterlistNoah [Ally] - Shop employee. Used to lived in the same household
Bavom #018 by Beaniamasterlist Porsh [Ally] - Hui's friend and shop employee
Terradragon #192 - Lost Shrine by Beaniamasterlist Lost Shrine [Ally]

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dream catcher f2u APPROVED FORMS dream catcher f2u 
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Pixel: Rain Cloud LEVEL UP Pixel: Rain Cloud 
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LVL 5- approved!
LVL 6- approved!
LVL 7- approved!

Your Griffian has officially reached Level 7!


Currency - Silver Coin by BankOfGriffia x10  Currency - Gold Coin by BankOfGriffia x5  Star Potion by BankOfGriffia x1

Approval Commentcomments.deviantart.com/1/7416…
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Level 0-4
  • Beania Immigration trial
  • Farming trial
  • Capria Immigration trial
  • Fishing trial
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Bullet - Cloud Cotton candy  2 ART BY ME Bullet - Cloud Cotton candy  2 
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------------------ROYAL STATUS APPROVED--------------------
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285 peas
Community movement - May 2018 by Tigress144x14  kijin peafarm x121 by Tigress144x121  CS 11-6-18 by Tigress144 x11 kijin peafarm x132 by Tigress144x132  Yujin - Kijin Soulmate trial 1 by Tigress144 x7
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159 peas
Kijin Gardening trial by Tigress144 x60  CS 20-5-18 by Tigress144 x99 (11x9)
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156 peas
Kijin Fluffia Immigration trial by Tigress144x21  BBBM 05.12 by Tigress144x3  CS 14-5-18 by Tigress144x132 (11x12)
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99 peas
Capria CS 18-3-18 by Tigress144 (1+5+5)x9=99
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42 peas
Yujin Love bean hatching trial 2-3 by Tigress144x0  Kijin icon by Tigress144 x4  Pearly Friendship mission by Tigress144x17  Cheeb Kijin by Tigress144 x14  Yujin Love bean hatching trial 4 by Tigress144x7
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*update: 155 ealeg (Pearly) got mission book*
121 peas
Kijin Farming trial by Tigress144x35  Kijin Capria Immigration trial by Tigress144x31  Kijin Fishing trial by Tigress144x55
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40 peas
Gala - Seeing Hearts 3 by Tigress144x4  Gala - Chocolates 1 by Tigress144x8  Kijin crystal faunt form by Tigress144x4  Gala - Candle 1 by Tigress144x12  Shoo Friendship mission by Tigress144x12
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34 peas
Social training x80 by Tigress144x3  sketch dump 02 by Tigress144x2  Kijin Beania Immigration trial by Tigress144x21 Gala - Passion fruit 2 by Tigress144x4  Gala - Passion fruit 3 by Tigress144x4
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Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U ART BY OTHERS Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U  
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