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Вот хочу адоптить чара. Надо такую кучу всего написать (и прочитать), ужас. Пока только имя придумала - Р'талика (Риталика, Лика, Тали). Цвет пыталась максимально близко подобрать, но все равно уехала в сторону( Надеюсь это не критично.

my entry fo Rage DY

so, here is R'talika (Lika, Tali).

Age: 38

Colour of Gear: bluish gray

Number of rolating gears: 3

She is an elite now. As she is a Rage Dy, she was dead once. But a God brought her back. She never finished her cycle and her death really was a bad luck. She was a recon soldier but get ahead of herself and overheated her Gear. When a Dy overheat its Gear, Dy become very vulnerable. So in that state Tali was found by humans. History is silent on what happend next, but Tali's Tai survived and Gear vent unharmed.

Tali was brought back to life fully. She didn't lost her past memories. She is not bonded to another being.

She is a loner. Due to uncontrollable behavior of Rage Dy, she decided to wander alone. It's better this way. She still helps when her power are needed and of course officiates. Usually it is spy or assasin work. She is more careful now and thinks a lot.

Tali's natural voise is a blend of European wren songs (most of the time) and chirps of crested tit (happy mood).

She is not very fond of running but she loves swimming and like shapeshifting in the water a lot. Because of her monochrome coloring she likes to make her colours lighter or darker.

Dy'kletiun © :iconmatterintothevoid: [link]

Upd: йес! она теперь моя! I won!!! :onfire::onfire::onfire:
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