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My DA page always needs something fresh... there you go!


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Everyone has some favourite pics, me too....

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DB 420-456
The monastery of Fürstenfeldbruck offers a background for this westbound S-Bahn Muinch S4 service.

420-424 (Bochum)
420-433 (Düsseldorf)

Thanks in advance for +favs!

(c)Tigrar(Stefan W.)! All rights reserved!

014 rounds the bend at Raggendorf, lower Austria. Had beautyful clouds that day, so I decided to go with a very panoramic version of the picture :)

Same spot from the ground seen with unit 005
Morning shot on the other side of the village featuring unit 029

Sadly, this line will cease operations at the end of this year after being made unattractive by a lack of investions for decades. Credits for that misslead politics go to the lower austran ÖVP!

Thanks in advance for +favs!

(c)Tigrar! All rights reserved!


Stefan W.
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Heyo, I'm Tigrar.

I'm a trainspotter.

That means 95% of my gallery are related to railroad stuff.

I'm also a dragon fanatic.

I love to draw theese beautyful creatures.

Often besides the tracks whilst waiting for the next train to come by.

I live close to river Danube.

A beautyful place to live at!

Talk to me if you want to know something.

I don't bite!


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Personal Quote: All life is born out of Fire
Today I added several people to my watch list I so far only watched indirectly via groups. While doing this, I had the idea for this journal entry.

Ever asked yourself why I'm watching you? This would be my response:

Sorted by Alphabet, to get some order into all this chaos! :P

Not all watchers/watches included, I focused on thoose who upload high quality railroad related things!
Also: THere are a few I consider watching but do not watch jet. So don't feel excluded just you're not featured in this journal! :D


One of thoose trainspotters who know what they're doing!

Yellow Brick Road by 3window34

likes to draw locomotives. If she just would draw a little more!

Bardotky by AnkaAI3

Submitted a enormous number of great historic railroad pictures which get way too less attention so far. Time to change that!

North of Bulawayo by Brit31


Often spots quite interresting trains across germany. Like this one!

Back to Siemens by Budeltier


One of my best friends, sadly very inactive on DA.

Next station: Nollendorfplatz by cgncyclist


High quality shots from GB! Sadly quite inactive lateley.

Charging Five by CJSutcliffe


His way to take railroad pictures is professional. We also already met up for Trainspotting!

Triple of Camello Units 120812 by Comboio-Bolt


Is more than just a active admin of the group eurorail. Freaking about emergency vehicles possible and well apprechiated! :D He also likes to spot in the netherlands and got several nice gems in his gallery, like this one:

the 1312 by damenster


He likes building 3D models of personal locomotive concepts and loves to talk about them (also in freak-mode!). Plus: Railfan-Dragon! Like me! :D One of his 3d models (super locomotive for long distance trains through australia)

JT5050C-AC pic 3 by DounutCereal


Lots of nice north american pictures. And Dragons.

Stacks at Darling by DragonWolfACe


A trainspotter from CZ who seems to like steam engines and taking good shots of them!

Crossing a viaduct by DusanPavlicek


Watch for classic cars and trains. Sadly not as active as in earlier times.

Old school by Eisenmann1987

Because of all theese wonderful classics. Like this BN commuter train:

BN E9 9916, 10-13-87 by eyepilot13


Nice rail related pictures from Japan, but not just thoose.

Nagasaki Trams by Furuhashi335


Active in america and many good pictures

clear blue by JDAWG9806


He's nice to everyone and his spotting skills are constantly improving. he also seems to be one of theese everywhere-spotters roaming through all of europ to catch trains! Here's a nice french diesel:

467529 at Antwerpen Dam by JSH50


Trains from southern Korea! Sadly got quite inactive during the last year.


He likes drawing mostly european rail vehicles with simple pencils and improved a lot in doing so. Give him a few years and he will master this! :D
ABe 8/8 22 by Ladone-delle-Lumiere


Good photographer, good 3D builder. If you play Train Fever and downloaded some good looking austrian vehicles there's a good chanche he made some of them. Here's my favorite 3D model.... guess why :D Sadly a little inactive lateley.
OeBB 1042.505 by mark1214


For his fast growing gallery full of Frankfurt's light rail system!


He uploaded a high number of quality shots, mostly from hungary but also from neighbouring countries. That's one of my favorites:
DB103 184-8 in the mirror by MorpheusPhotoworks


A huge number of good shots from Portugal. Sadly inactive theese days.
Nowhere by nettwerk


For her locomotive drawings
LMS 6233 Duchess of Sutherland [colour] by The-Orient-Express


He just appeared a few months back, is quite active and uploads lots of LRT pictures! This one makes me want to try that very spot the next time I visit Cologne:
Twelve-axled Animal - The Homefront VII by RailroadSaturday


Also lives around Cologne and got a lot of beautyful shots of some german classics, especially classes 103 and 110. Recently got active again!
Evening Sun by shenanigan87


I like his style of Photography, eventhough his main focus aren't trains.

Old rail car by SteevKub


He's got excellent shots in his gallery. Also many creative things.

The Orange Curve by sullivan1985


His username is programm: Swiss trains! Sadly quite inactive lateley.

Go Beyond II by SwissTrain


One of the few american deviants who mainly focus on passenger trains. He also was so kind to help me find photospots when I visisted New Jersey!
Geep on Branch by The-Nightshift


I started watching him for some cool drawing style, continued for his pictures and now also watch him for his journal where he presents stories about the british car industry and of cars I often did not even know they'd exist. A pair of Super-Voyagers riding along a well known sea wall:

Into darkness by The-Transport-Guild


He often uploads pictures from romania, especially CFR.



The last Sunlight by TramwayPhotography


Many pictures from Germany, here's my favorite, taken at Hamburg:

Danish Diesel ICE by ZCochrane

So, that's why. :D

Greetings, Tigrar.
  • Listening to: Deep House
  • Reading: Der Wanderer
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: Guess the city (Sometimes also Train Fever)
  • Eating: Coockies
  • Drinking: Water



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