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Tag, you're it!
Tagged by :iconAnna-Autobot12:
1) You have to post ALL the rules.
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged.
3) Choose 12 people.
4) Legitimately tag these people.
5) You can't say you don't do tags.
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED.
Anna's Questions:
1. Taken or a Single Lady?
Single! Who needs men when I have my family and friends! :XD:
2. Top 3 Favorite Song?
Oh wow... That's hard for me... I have A LOT of favorite songs, hard to choose one... :'D
3. Live-Action or Animated Movies?
Both. :)
4. Family Guy or The Simpsons?
Both! :XD:
5. Favorite Drink?
Juice but also Cola or mineral water. :meow:
6. Vampires or Werewolves?
BOTH!! But... Werewolves more... X3
7. Favorite Color Scheme (Consisting of 4 Colors)?
Black and red. Black and blue. Purple and yellow/gold. And black and purple. :XD:
8. Not My Thing, but Favorite Video Games?
The Sims 3 and 4. The Walking Dead. The Evi
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Tagged by egerie187 

1. If you play/or played some kind of game, what characters you like there most?
Charismatic characters, intelligent, with real values. I hate characters who have no interest and no personality.

2. Any fears? Like of spiders, closed spaces, etc.
I hate spiders, everything that looks like bees, and I'm phobic of elevator. Since then, I also have the phobia of failure and not succeeding in what I want to do.

3. Your most favorite OC? (it can be yours or your friends, whatever you chose)
Right now, I would say Klaro. I confess that he is the person that I would like to be, if I could I would be disguise as this character.

4. Favorite holiday and why you like it?
The big holidays in july-august I would say. It's good and days are longer. Usually I love winter, but now, in France there is not even more snow, and with the sudies, I hate because I wake up it's dark, I go home it's dark. I have the impression of spending my day in a place that I can not stand.

5. What type of people do you hate the most?
People who seek to spoil the chances of others. People who think only of themselves and are willing to sacrifice others for their own pleasure. Hypocritical people who only come to see you if they need you.

6. When did you draw your first character (OC) and how long do you have them until now?
My first OC was Tigranessa, and I drew her I would say in 2012.

7. The best part of any film, movie, cartoon, etc.?
Hard to say, everything depends on the frame. My ideal is a film that is excellent from beginning to end.

8. Anime or manga?
Manga I think.

9. What kind of personalities you like/adore on fictional characters or OC's? (again, yours or your friends OC)
Characters with a charisma is my weak point. Vilain or not, if he's charismatic, I love him. I always have a weakness for the bad guys or anti-heroes, not perfect but with good reasons to be as they are.

10. What helps you relax?
Music, RP, talking to loved ones, sharing moments like meals, movies and more with my family or friends, ASMR, etc...

11. Film, movie, cartoon, etc. you don't like at all and why?
I hate horror movies because I don't like being afraid, and often it's pretty silly and repetitive. I also can't support remakes that don't respect a basic universe, the kind of movie just for the money.

12. Your current fandom?
Mh, The Walking Dead, maybe also Aquaman.
Hello everyone.

Well, guys... I got my tablet, but I lost everything.


My drawings are volatilized, and my novel that I had finished also disappeared, at least halfway.
I had the reflex several months ago to save it on Google Drive, but I have only half of the novel, and I do not even have the motivation to start over...

So, I decided to put it aside, when I would have resumed motivation, and I may start writing another novel that I really want to write, but I admit that now, I am not motivated for anything.

I'm trying to get the most WIPs I could send by messages or others.

If I owe you a drawing, don't be afraid to dare to post a comment with the drawings I have to make to you. I will make a list and I'll do everything to get them back to you in time.
Somebody for RP ?

And sorry my little puppies, my tablet/cumputer just had a blue screen one week ago QwQ I really hope I'll get it back, with my book, all of my drawings... And finally draw again !
We're near from the 500 Watchers... God damn, I see a lot of people coming each day for Watch me... I'm so touched ! My life would be so ennoying without you all and all the things I built by myself of with people...

Anyway, Happy New Year ! 🎆❤🎉 I wish you the best, and I hope you will spend a happy year !
Howdy howdy~Gift~
Bam Bam ! Je finis deux dessins en une soirée. J'adore ce style, je suis fière de trouver enfin une technique pour les ombres qui me plaît !
Ça fait longtemps que je voulais dessiner Minerea, peut-être qu'il y aura d'autres dessins du genre huhuhuuu

Minerea © Minerea 
Petit dessin enfiiiin finis !
J'ai beaucoup aimé les design de nicholaskole sooooo
Et comme Spyro fait partit de mon enfance, il était temps que je le dessine !

Sinon en vrai la version originale du dessin est beaucoup plus sombre, j'ai fais quelques modifs de luminosité, alors oui on voit plus beaucoup la gemmes mais yolo

Spyro's adult design by nicholaskole 
Aquaman was cool.

No it's a joke... THAT WAS AWESOME !
Arthur is just dkbgoelzvfi

PS : SORRY FOR NOT ANSWERING AND POSTING ! My cable for my Surface just died (RIP motherfoucker :3), I should have a new one saturday and draw again !!!
This webradio really need more support, it's lead by a friend ^^

PS : The logo was made by me ;3


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I'll post a comment soon, but I can't tell that you made an amaaaaazing job ! ❤
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