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I was reading a book that reminded me of the 9/11 incident, specifically of the people that were stuck on the top floors and decided to jump out of the windows. I can't start to imagine what was going through their minds at that point.. all their life ended just like that.
And now the tidal waves in asia killing so many unexpecting people.. it all makes me think of life and how inexplicable it is.
I remembered this photo and decided to post it, after some color edit. It doesnt have anything to do with the incidents but you can imagine the figure jumpin out of a high building to die. :shrug:
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fuckin amazing, i love it,
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this is stunning. when i first saw the thumbnail in your gallery it looked like a very uplifting image.. but after reading your description and fullviewing it.. the fact that you can't see the ground does give it a sense of something more sinister..
this picture is poetry in motion.. definitely a fav.
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greatly appreciated
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thanks, nice icon :D
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:D i love my little dude in the box.
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betp Traditional Artist
incredible shot!
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I don't really like the description it's too much of a downer on what would normally be an exciting fun photo, but I do like the photo, my friends and I often do flips when messing around for fun, I have plenty of shots of flips, but this one is far better because of where he was jumping off, the form is very clean too, it appears he hardly tucked as well, but still had plenty of room to land. +fav for sure
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yea the description is pretty depressing and inappropiate :P but that was then...

i cant tuck in man, how do you do that?
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for backs tuck about 1/2 way through, just bring your knees to your chest, but honestly the laid out backflip looks more stylish...for fronts, I think late tucks are the best...if you are goin off something big.
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yea but then when you tuck its more ninja like, and swifty.. but ive tried and cant pull myself in, maybe i need an ab workout
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essey Photographer
Awesome composition! Very cool :)
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very cool picture, sad topic though :(
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holy moly! how did you do that?
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awww !!!
lol ... i thought he would be dead ... waa
this side got very funny movies
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that is awesome!
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I knew I'd seen this before:) Its a powerful image.
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Amazing shot, how did you make it?
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Idhril Photographer
SWEET! A definite :+fav:! Just one question: where do you land?! Is it a lake? A trampolin? Just glad you're alive :D
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oh man i love this one! it's just so surreal. Really really amazing capture
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Thank you! :)
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amir-malkaHobbyist Photographer
the part of the legs is a bit blured but it's a great capture. I like the connection between the sky and the city with the sea between. good work
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it's so... *SOB SOB* (not going to say why)
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