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oh yeah
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Canon PowerShot SD100
Shutter Speed
1 second
Focal Length
11 mm
Date Taken
Oct 30, 2004, 5:17:46 PM
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This is a very cool shot, I like the use of repetition and negative space to isolate the subject. The one abberation within the repeating pattern is very much a "stand out" as you mentioned.

Also the tones in the photograph are quite nice as well.
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chapterone Photographer
this is excellent, i love the whole length of the piece and the almost 'absudity' of the scene. i mean that in no disrespect at all i hope you understand, its just the feeling i get from it,. it's very surreal and reminds me of 'a clockwork orange' ...the black bar across the subjects eyes detaches himself from the viewer, making him an unaccountable and forgettable source, and with his raised hand he shows a wantedness to be seen and heard, and the use of the seating position is well done as well, generating more space to 'lose' him in. overall i like this conceptual piece, well thought out and captured. nice work indeed. Ben.
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hi Ben, I can't thank you enough for describing this from your own perspective. You have a great way with words and I appreciate the comment greatly because its the hwole reason to post conceptual stuff for comments.
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35mm-SAM Photographer
Hmm this caught my eye rather quickly, very nice. Good sense of depth and scale. Nice job in isolating the subject. The bar across the eyes de personalizes it but I think it would work both ways-if the bar wasn’t there. I like the tones too.
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wow, hehe, great shot :D
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haha great idea! i love it. i'm gonna fav it right now. :hobbes:
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GonzaleProfessional Photographer
i love empty seats... when there is one person. :)
it makes me think of this picture by Fouad El Khoury, a Lebanese photographer : [link]
i really love the.. feeling coming out of this.
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myeyes Photographer
wow this is so clean and shmarmy. a perfect metallic.
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one of thoes photos that is appealing both metaphorically and visually
soemthing that i love looking at
great work
( i like the bar adds a huge sadness to the whole photo, you the only one in the room,something to be paid attentionto and yet your anonymous)
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elenakulikova Photographer
lol .. i love it ... i feel like that sometimes in college after classes ... . i agree with some other people though, the bar should go
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maybe I'm wrong, but I dont like the bar.
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ehh.. anonimity
i had it off at first , i like it like this
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guirnaldo Photographer
this is great
it reminds me a lot of classes in my precious school, because when you tried to ask a question you always should consider that the question might be "wrong" in the eyes of the teacher and he would look at you (for the rest of the year) like you were the most stupid ass walking around at school
so yeah, that's why the black bar is needed, no names! no face!
great piece, very great

+fav emotionally attractive to me
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thanks alot for your thought. anyone should ask any question they want.. who cares what they think.. youre gonna get your question answered, and thats what matters.
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jnaz Photographer
i always feel wierd when i am alone in a room that is intended for more than just me....
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you remind me, that was reaally weird. I was studying for my final there, all alone with the building to myself haha, the study rooms were full :P
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lol this is interesting, really good :)
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haha that's pretty damn cool. i love the length of the shot and the repetitiveness
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I think this is sheer brilliance! Fabulous idea and composition:)
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Awesome I like it aloot...
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