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Sunlight in bathroom and a guy that should be studying :).

-adjusted curves
I spent a lot of time editing this one. Comments appreciated.
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coffeemateStudent Photographer
hehe cool idea :D
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Great idea and pose...maybe black and white are an option to highlight those contrasts, as colour might be distrcting a little? Just an idea.
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b/w doesn't look bad at all! I must admit that I never tryed converting this or any of my older shots to black and white, thanks for the advice :)
and I appreciate comments from a talented artist like you
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[link] I tried it.. And some soft hue. No idea waht it looks like as I only got my laptop here :shakefist: so contrst and hue might look like crap :shrug:
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cool, I tried it after I read your comment. But now I put it up as well. I think that one came out too dark, but its probably our monitors. See how this looks on your monitor http://img14.imgspot.com/?u=05/218/05/laserbw.jpg
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I was sure it would look to dark or contrasty or what. Yes, yours looks good! (depending on how I move my weird flatscreen-laptop-thingy :roll:)
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crap, its here [link]
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_Test it. It might work :)
If you ever visited seafairy.com you might have found the "SeaFairy Questionnaire" in the other-section and with this I'd love to invite you to be one of the next to be featured. I have about 8 to 12 artists who sent me their replies, and I'd love you to be one of them who answer the questions. If you don't want to, no problem. I'd just love to feature you and your work :) And maybe help develope even, who knows. If you want me to send you the "interview" I'd gladly do so.. :nod:
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:lol: why woulnd't I! it would be an honor to be feautured in your site. But I would have to go over the questions for a long time first... i'm not really sure if I can answer all of them :D I don't know myself that well ;)
So if you think I should do it then I'll work on filling it up, do you have a blank one to send me? or should I copy the questions from there?
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Nichols Photographer
the tones are majestic, as is the lighting, pose and composition. beautiful to look at.. ;)
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its a great idea man!
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tifli Writer
lol, this is kind of like your avatar, the way light makes stripes on your skin. i thought i was the only one who liked to do that, although i never took pics of it.
his pose is cool.
and i should really be studying too... :(
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pr0metheus85Hobbyist General Artist
You have a good eye for photography. This composition absolutely rocks. kinda looks like ur friend is shooting rays of light out frm his eyes- superman, his pose is rather cool i must say.This picture is an insperation. Real nice man
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35mm-SAM Photographer
Interesting shot...Enjoy the play on light, pose and shadow. Does this have a hidden meaning or was it just taken because of its unique qualities?
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hmm not really, i just remember being very bored and seeing the light.. it just went from there. I thought that if i didnt take some shots the world would end. thanks :D
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now that's what I'ma talkin' about (wtf did that itallian accent come from eh?)

..creativity to the max. I love that you came up with vision, to pose yourself in such the way you did in this.. :faint:

so great.

I'm curious though, what did you edit in it? it looks like you *may have darkened some of the light so that the majority of it was near the beams of light, and maybe just dodged the beams of light..but other then that I cant tell? :P

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:lol: Thanks for appreciating this shot so much! Its kind of like my personal favorite so im glad you like it :)...
to answer your question, I didnt dodge, just edited curves to get that tone and make shadows darker. But I also cloned out a sink on the bottom left corner which might make this a manip.
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:worship: ..it's awsome man! it was easy to appreciate it!

thanks for the info on what you did :confused: ..it was bothering me not knowing, heh.

you did a great job on the cloning in PS, too.
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MrZorro Photographer
Sweet!! Very Creative!
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The lighting is very nice indeed.
I have a picture of me standing behind the shades in my room: [link]
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thank you, :) theyre a creative source of light... I have a pic like that as well :nod: it is on my avatar
I like how you seem to be trapped by the stripes.
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looks like a prison!
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aSilentStudioHobbyist Photographer
that is amazing. i saw this and i chuckled! that is quite positively the most clever thing i've seen in a while. very imaginitive.
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takitusProfessional Photographer
ah yeah... very cool shot. the pose hes in to catch the light is pretty cool. nice post-work too.
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