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WS Cheenook



Zlesdin Custom Import - Tigra1988 by Zoubstance
Because of Ambassadors winning at The Zlesdin/Zdarloch Stables Opening Show Dressage Class Wilkenburg Stables won a Zlesdin Import! So here the beautiful guy is.

:bulletwhite:Name: WS Cheenook
:bulletwhite:Barn Name: Nono

:bulletwhite:Gender: Stallion
:bulletwhite:Breed: Zlesdin
:bulletwhite:Group ID: ZS0018
:bulletwhite:Age: 5yo
:bulletwhite:Height: 173 cm
:bulletwhite:Color: Dark sooty bay sabino
:bulletwhite:Genotyp: Ee/Aa/nSty/nSb
:bulletwhite:Eyes: blue
:bulletwhite:Markings: Large snip, star, leg markings
:bulletwhite:Discipline: Dressage, Eventing

:bulletwhite:Passable Traits: markings, colour, skills
:bulletwhite:Sir: starter
:bulletwhite:Dam: starter
:bulletwhite:For stud/lease: :bulletred: Not open for breeding!

Bullet; WhiteBase Personality: Bipolar: One minute I'm dandy, the next you're on the ground!
Bullet; WhiteQuirks: Cocks head to the side sometimes while being ridden. Will nuzzle and tickle you but while you clean his hooves.
Bullet; WhiteWorst Fear: Flailing people, you know, the kind that don't know to stay still around horses.
Bullet; WhiteHerd Mentality: I hate stallions and geldings - but love the mares in the flock.
Bullet; WhiteHorse vs. Owner/Handler/Rider: Likes to run away from you in the pasture
Bullet; WhiteFavorit Treat: Beer
Bullet; WhiteIf I could talk, my favorite saying would be: "I so don't know you in those riding pants!"

Zlesdin Point System

Registration: 1 ZP

Show Entries: 20 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show Liberty = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show Halter = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show Free Jumping = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show Parade = 5 ZP

Show Placings: 0 ZP

Training / Other: 2 ZP
Wilkenburg Stables ID = 2 ZP

Art by Others: 1 ZP
Training = 1 ZP
Tuborg or not Tuborg? = 1 ZP

Specials: 5 ZP
Zlesdin of the month December 2014 = 5 ZP

Total: 30 ZP = Fleder

WS Cheenook and Art by Tigra1988
Design by Zoubstance
Ref: thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/cremel…
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Dear lord he is stunning <33 :faint: