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To Susfishous.
I apologize for annoying & pressuring you about drawing a certain OC of yours. I hope you can accept my apology. 
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 1 0
To Mechacross.
I apologize for putting that comment. I was just stating who it was for. I didn't mean to offend you.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 3 2
To JorgeMendozaPaleoArt.
    I'm sorry if I upset you. I didn't mean to. If it's from one of my comments, I apologize. For some, I was just expressing my criticism.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 2 1
To austroraptorcabazai
I'm terribly sorry for how I acted. I didn't mean to keep pestering you. I feel like an idiot. I hope you can accept my apology.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 3 3
Multiverse Viewer/Transporter.
This device in my story idea is exclusively from the pre-era. It was used by gems who were curious about what goes on in other universes. It looks a bit like a crystal ball, but of course kinda bigger & more technical. It also allows them to visit those worlds. Which some of my sort-of-OCs & OCs visit. The worlds/universes: Fairy Tail (which turns to be not just in their universe, but in the far distant future), Winx Club, My Hero Academia, Star Darlings, & Bakugan.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 6 2
Prelude To Jurassic Universe.
During the planning in my head of Jurassic Universe, my Steven Universe x Jurassic Park story idea, I was thinking of something happening similar to what happened in Transformers: The Movie (1986). But soon I saw some flaws. So I decided that I would add some Transformers G1 elements & similar origins.  The consumer goods became Autogems. The Decpticons name stays. One group of gems among them rose to be fill the position as leader, The Diamonds.
The Gem Homeworld's planet name is Gemonia. Optimus Prime will be a Brown Diamond, but still be called Optimus Prime. It's obvious what Bumblebee will be, a Bumblebee Jasper (except without the black stripes). Black Diamond takes the role of Megatron, but is the first female diamond, also the mother of the present Diamond Authority (including Pink Diamond). Where there from is actually is interesting. Black Diamond had a big plan. She somehow created a second Gemonia & transported it & every pre-era Gem far from the real
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 1 0
To Bran-Artworks.
I'm sorry if I hurt or offended you in anyway. But may I ask. What did I do to get blocked?
I think now I guess your upset that I might have posted your work on Tumblr & Twitter without your permission. I deeply apologize for that.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 2 3
To ShinRedDear
Sorry if I was pressuring you too much. I was just suggesting. I hope you can accept my apology & we can make amends.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 2 6
Pink Diamond And C.A. Cupid
After seeing watching the Stranded special, To Me, Pink Diamond bears a striking resemblance to a certain Monster High/Ever After High I know. C.A. Cupid, Adopted Daughter Of Eros.
It's made me come up a few different AUs. Like Cupid is Pink Diamond, Cupid is Pink Diamond reincarnated, & Cupid is Pink's daughter.
Comment to let me know what you think.
Edit: 5/9/18: In light of "A Single, Pale Rose", it seems that the two former are really AUs. But for the latter, that would mean in this AU Steven & Cupid would be half-siblings.
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 6 32
Adrienette Mutual WG Story Idea.
I thought of this after reading a Miraculous story on Fanfiction. net & FC-Punk 's Miraculous Fatbug.
This is post-reveal & Hawk Moth's defeat. Gabrial is Hawk Moth. Now in jail. Adrien can't live at is house anymore due to investigative purposes. So he now lives with Marinette & her parents. They still have Miraculous. They still fight crime. Though due to it being low, they start to pack on a little.
What do you think so far?
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 4 1
Dear FC-Punk,
    I am terribly sorry once again. I did not mean to upset you again. I was just being friendly & sharing an interesting idea. I really like all your stories, not just Miraculous Fatbug. I hope you can forgive me.
    I really am sorry man.
I'm not trying to be a parasite. I'm just a regular guy who likes stories like yours. That's All. :(:(:(:(
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 2 1
MH And EAH Gem Match.
Here's something you fans Monster High, Ever After High, &/or Steven Universe probably haven't thought about. A crossover &/or AU of them. I've always wondered what kind of gem each of the Monster High & Ever After High characters would be as Gems.
I want your opinion.
Something related this is going to featured in my Crossover story idea.
Raven Queen - Purple Iolite
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 1 0
Prehistoric Squad Of Monster High.
Allosaurus jimmadsenis - Al The 3rd & Allie
Ceratosaurus - 
Juratyrant - 
Torvosaurus - 
Gargoyleosaurus - 
Marshosaurus - 
Dakotaraptor - 
Velociraptor - 
Parasaurolophus - 
Deinonychus - 
Microraptor - 
Kaprosuchus - 
Anzu - 
Acheroraptor - 
Medusaceratops - 
Hadrosaurus - 
Baryonyx - 
Pterodactylus - 
Amargasaurus - 
Pentaceratops - 
Titanoceratops - 
Kosmoceratops - 
Triceratops - 
Tyrannosaurus - 
Wendiceratops - 
Compsognathus - 
Dimetrodon -
Leaellynasaura - 
Giganotosaurus - 
Falcarius - 
Phorusrhacos - 
Megarachne - 
Brontosaurus - 
Troodon -  - The Smart Ones
Majungasaurus - 
Ouranosaurus - 
Austriadactylus - 
Kulindadromeus - 
Teratophoneus - 
Styracosaurus - 
Dracorex hogwartsia - 
Anchisaurus - 
Therizinosaurus - 
Hesperornis - 
Carnotaurus - 
Cronopio denti
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 4 61
Youtube Emergency.
Some my favorite music videos are gone because the uploader has closed their Youtube account.
    Here's The List.
Planet Dinosaur Animal I Have BecomePrimeval Series 1 Creatures-Prayer
Primeval Series 2 Creatures- Enough
Primeval Series 3 Creatures- Leave It Alone
Primeval Series 4 Creatures-The Infection
Primeval Series 5 Creatures- Hold OnLet me know if you or anyone know knows the Uploader.
With them gone. This music is how feel about this. 
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 2 2
Interesting Prehistoric Creatures To Draw.
Breagyps clarki
Buteogallus daggetti Also Known As Daggett's Eagle &/or Walking Eagle
Buteogallus fragilis A.K.A. Fragile Eagle
Neogyps errans A.K.A. Errant Eagle
Neophrontops americanus A.K.A. American Vulture
Coragyps occidentalis A.K.A. Pleistocene Black Vulture
Gymnogyps amplus
Grus pagei
Oraristix brea A.K.A. Brea Owl
Asphaltoglaux cecileae
Glaucidium kurochkini
Palaeoloxodon mnaidriensis
Palaeoloxodon chaniensis
Stegodon sompoensis
Stegodon semedoensis
Canis chihliensis
Equus scotti
Equus capensis
Equus lenensis
Equus neogeus
Equus (Allohippus) stenonis
Avicranium renestoi
Canis lupus spelaeus A.K.A. Cave Wolf
Canis lupus brevis A.K.A. Don Wolf
Meleagris californica A.K.A. Californian Turkey
Hemipristis serra
Pteropus subniger A.K.A. Small Mauritian Flying Fox or Dark Flying Fox
Miniopterus zapfei
Viverra leakeyi A.K.A. Leakey's Civet or Giant Civet
Clidomys osborni A.K.A. Osborn
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 12 24
To fans of Monster High, Ever After High, and Pokemon. I have realized something. There's no Monster High x Pokemon stories and/or Ever After High x Pokemon stories. Also not very much fanart of these crossovers.
Update 2/2/2018 - 4/16/18: I've come an interesting story idea for an Pokemon x Ever After High story. I got inspired by a Ever After High fanfiction story called Ever After High: The Tale of Jared & a Injustice: Gods Among Us and Ever After High Crossover story called Raven to Zatanna. It starts on Legacy Day & it's an AU. Raven had just announced she will write her destiny & closed the book. Then, all of a sudden, tear opens in sky right above Raven & Apple. Then an Ultra Wormhole forms, the shockwaves from it cause the mirrors to shatter. Soon everyone there sees it. Then a creature emerges
:icontigon1monster:Tigon1Monster 0 0


Rainbow Powers by Scarlet-Spectrum Rainbow Powers :iconscarlet-spectrum:Scarlet-Spectrum 1,098 44 Com: Winx Hypnosis by LaminaNati Com: Winx Hypnosis :iconlaminanati:LaminaNati 338 75 Commission by Holivi Commission :iconholivi:Holivi 269 12 Starling by Holivi Starling :iconholivi:Holivi 309 14 Skelitta by Holivi Skelitta :iconholivi:Holivi 677 16 Spectra by Holivi Spectra :iconholivi:Holivi 261 7 Ghouls getaway by Holivi Ghouls getaway :iconholivi:Holivi 445 18 Tina Marsh by Holivi Tina Marsh :iconholivi:Holivi 282 5 Cleo by Holivi Cleo :iconholivi:Holivi 446 6 Goldy by Holivi Goldy :iconholivi:Holivi 333 10 Cleo by Holivi Cleo :iconholivi:Holivi 426 6 Rosabella by Holivi Rosabella :iconholivi:Holivi 483 11 On the bike together by Holivi On the bike together :iconholivi:Holivi 240 3 Clawdeen Wolf portrait by Aioras Clawdeen Wolf portrait :iconaioras:Aioras 340 30 Draculaura Portrait by Aioras Draculaura Portrait :iconaioras:Aioras 328 26 Cleo de Nile portrait by Aioras Cleo de Nile portrait :iconaioras:Aioras 295 11



I've heard of one going around & spamming people on here. Spread The Word!
To my watchers, I must confess something to some of you.

Please Unwatch me for this.

I reveal, I'm a fetishist. There! I said.

Let me just say. We all have are own interests. We all respect that.
Everytime I see a scaly Concavenator, I HISS!!!!!
Hope you've had a great Birthday Deviantart!
I've heard of one going around & spamming people on here. Spread The Word!


Joseph Thomas Spillane
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