sept 7 log out

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Deviation Actions

yes, I remmebred to  do the  day in  tight  cupcakes.
my original Hogwarts fanficton beginings once I worked out how this  worked.
I was on a  library  computer, so my accounts are geo-locked to my locations, 

1994 look back

i keep forgetting to leave look backs to asperger time lines,

New York log in to the 

asperger mind of adam spog, 

able to do mutiple storylines in my brain, 

something falls out when i do this,. 

pick up my 2016 brain in 2023, 

so this is my life now, the ilvermorny and hogwarts fanfiction, 

as accidental 8 am time line, so i can log back in tomorrow, 

ok, i am all set for thursday, i will be over my brothers remember

livestreaming., like a boss. 

tee hee, i cant wait. 

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