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K-TEK steel
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© 2004 - 2019 Tiggz
K-TEK Steel, a metallic skin
This all started off with Killer, which begat K2, which begat various flavours of wallpapers which lead to this windowblind, which now bears absolutely no relation to Killer whatsoever
There is a pin-on-top button, a transparency button and a wbexec button using the plugin by Madice. Clicking this button gives you access to various menus of your choice. I have it set up to access quicklaunch/media players/start menu, but if you hold down the scroll-lock key and click on it you are given the option to customize it's function. By default, right-clicking the titlebar rolls up the window and double-clicking will maximize it.
Features include: graphic more programs mouseover, progress animations, custom toolbar icons, special 120dpi substyle and the all important orangey bits!

for other skins in this series visit [link]
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Comments (13)
Customs-n-Randomness's avatar
Customs-n-Randomness|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Will this work as a Windows 8.1.1 theme?
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deviantarthebest's avatar
thank you. looks fantastic!!! congratulation :dance:
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Pheurtonskuerto's avatar
Pheurtonskuerto|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hands down .....the best skin I've ever used. Thank you from the bottom of my hard drive !
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darthmarlan's avatar
Looks rather fantastic indeedy :nod:
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yf19-sama's avatar
yf19-sama|Professional Traditional Artist
I reallly happy to see you here! you skin skills are very good.
Like the others I have a question: The CDs icons are really impressive where i can found them? (in desktopX, icon packager,..)

I had tryed to make a icon like that for my CV and I failed.
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AlphaZel's avatar
Awesome skin, I have a question though. How can I make the desktop look like the one featured on the pic? I can get the skin to work with WB, but not the icons and gauges.

Thanks in advance
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ho-mono's avatar
ho-mono|Professional General Artist
[link] < if you go there will be able to download all of those fancy widgets.
DesktopX widgets dont actually need desktopX to run so you can happily download them and play around.

Tiggz makes by far the best widgets and themes.

Thanks Tiggs.
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I have just about the same comment as 'maxmark', I love this but i'm not sure how to go about installing it. If you could let me know, that'd be great! Thanks!
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Ashash's avatar

Congratulations for this skin. Very stylish, a very good design. Easy for work everyday.

Thanks for share it.
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the bst ive ever seen so far but i dont know how to install it to my computer, can uoy pls tell me how, thanks
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firstfooter's avatar
firstfooter|Hobbyist General Artist
one of my top 3 fave skins of all-time

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danioc's avatar
danioc|Professional Interface Designer
One of my fav suits ever, congratulations for the AWESOME design :D
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maddox4u's avatar
Great Skin as all your Work

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