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i take commissions
COMMISSION INFO by Tiggsy-goo -:+ Taking cheap(?) PayPal commissions! +:- [OPEN]I got paypal today, so I want to try it out!
I've never used PayPal before so if I'm confused about something- I'd appreciate the help ;w;
I want to try and save up for things I'd like
These commissions will be around £2-10 to start off with, approximately 
Headshot - £0.50
Shoulders up - £1
Waist-up - £1.50
Full body - £2 (Each extra character is +£1.50)
Flat colour
Headshot - £2
Shoulders up - £2.50
Waist-up - £3.50
Full body - £4 (Each extra character is +£3.50)
Cell shaded
Headshot - £4.50
Shoulders up - £5
Waist-up - £5.50
Full body - £6.50 (Each extra character is +£6)
Depending on the complexity of the character you ask for, there may be a maximum of £5 extra
- I have every right to deny your commission. Don't harass me in any way if I deny it!
- If your character is TOO complex, I will most likely
-:+ PayPal Chimereon commission [OPEN] +:-Considering I'm getting the hang of PayPal, I decided to take some Chimereon ones too
(If you're interested in getting a normal PayPal commission, check here; )
Nonethless, these will be £5-15 depending on the complexity of your chimereon!
If I feel as if your chimereon is too complex, I'll most likely deny it.
If you would like cell shading, it'll be £2 extra
Not many rules, except I won't draw NSFW or kinks/fetishes. Not much! I won't be drawing gore this time for now.
If you want one of these commissions, comment below/note me with this form completed;
Chimereon name:
Chimereon ref:
Cell shading? Y/N:
Any extra info?:
PayPal e-mail:

I will be taking 3 slots at the moment so I don't get overwhelmed.
Once I have accepted to your commission, I will tell you how much it'll be. Once you've confirmed you'd like to pay for it, I'll send you the payment request!
1 -
2 -
3 -
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Just a headsup, these will be quite expensive because of how long they take me to do. If you want one of these, I'm going to need your discord so I can check up on the ref with you and what I need to fix/add etc. Basically updates and such
These refs will be 800-2000 points, depending on the complexity of the chimereon!
These reference sheets include:
- 3 or 4 sided reference sheet of your chimereon (4 sided refs cost more, but not by much)
- Full colour palette of the chimereon
- Mouth + blood/flesh/insides ref
Fill out this form if you would like one!
Chimereon's name:
Chimereon ref:
[A rough ref if you want, but it has to at least show the front and back so I can make it into a ref]
3 sides or 4 sides?: [4 sides is an extra 20 points!]
Blood/flesh colour: [Give a colour palette/ref of your chimereon's blood/flesh colour, as well as insides the mouth! Unless it's already on the ref you provided]
Any extra info I should know?:<
-:+ Taking Chimereon commissions! [OPEN] +:-I'm bored/unmotivated atm, so I decided to take some very quick chimereon commissions!
Each one will be 80-140 points (depending on chimereon complexity and add-ons); which will pay for a sort-of chibi? fullbody of any of your chimereons of choice.
If you would like one, please comment with this form and fill it out!:
Chimereon's name:
Chimereon's ref:
Are you okay with gore or no?:
[Y/N] (I can't guarantee that I will actually DRAW gore for you, depends on my motivation)
Background? What colour?: (This will be an extra 10 points. This will add a background that consists of shapes; one colour but different shades)
Cell shading?: (Simple cell shading. This is an extra 20 points!)
1 - 
2 - 
3 -
Once the slots are filled, I might re-open them again once I finish them.

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