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BEN Drowned x abused bullied child reader
~~3rd p.o.v~~
You stood at the dock,just staring at the murky water with dull eyes and no emotion. You stared at your reflection.You were practially covered in scars, thanks to your abusive parents and the bullies at school. You just wanted to jump in and enjoy your vacation, but you were too scared of the warning your dad gave you. He said he would give you no dinner and five weeks of beating. You stepped closer to the edge. Oh, how bad you wanted to get in. You quickly stepped back and sat down, staring deeper into the water. Sighing and closing your (e/c) eyes, and wished for everything you wanted back like you did every day in your time of peace and serinity.
~~BEN Drowned pov~~
Why wasn't she jumping in!? Why does she have scars on her!? Why did she look so...sad? These questions ran through my mind. I decided to finally show myself. I swam up to the point where she could see me, but she had her eyes closed. 'What the!?' My words echoed off the walls of the lake as I f
:iconlittleatlantis:LittleAtlantis 22 4
Mum loves you by Eyeofthemoon17 Mum loves you :iconeyeofthemoon17:Eyeofthemoon17 215 17
Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked
:bulletgreen: Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked :bulletgreen: 

(Full name) had always been on the mistrusting side; but who could blame her when so much of her life had gone down the tubes? She had been used, she had been broken, she had lost everything she held dear and had been forced to start again . . . and now she was being pushed aside by a Panty-Waste of a Norse God.
The teenager of some 15 odd years currently shrugged a leather jacket about her shoulders and let her (e/c) eyes regard the space she was inhabiting one last time. The Avengers Tower, owned by the one and only Tony Stark, was truly a wonder to behold. With every possible electronic appliance and device known to man (some made from Tony’s genius) and the best furniture and décor that could be bought- the Tower was like a dream. . . A very posh and disturbing one. Everything was so perfect, so unbreakable- upon first coming here (F/n) had felt completely out of place. This wa
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 350 41
Tony x Reader x Logan: Trouble Trio
:bulletpurple: Tony x Reader x Logan: Trouble Trio :bulletpurple: 

(Full name) sighed heavily as she trudged through the spacious halls of the School for Gifted Youngsters and internally cursed. The twenty-year old mutant had long since graduated from the classes held here, but it had been her home for too long to have even considered going elsewhere. This woman was a member of the X-Men, but had openly refused to be a teacher at the school. This wasn’t because she wasn’t capable of such a task, but rather the fact that she mostly enjoyed keeping to herself. This might have been due to the personality she was born with, or the fact that her mutation allowed her to go unnoticed when she wished. But either way, (F/n) was a lone wolf. . .
Unless the boys roped her into something. Then she was anything but lonesome.
Today was promising to be one of those days, seeing as (F/n) was the school handyman (or woman) and the Danger Room had started living up to it
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 232 37
Wolverine x Teen Reader: Kid and Gramps
:bulletblue: Wolverine x Teen Reader: Kid and Gramps :bulletblue: 

Logan Howlett was in a foul mood. To most, this might have seemed like a normal state for the gruff mutant to be in, but they would have been wrong. For one, he hadn’t had a cigar since the night before, and it was currently hotter than hades. The weatherman had boasted a solid 102 degrees outside, and even the A-grade coolers of the school were falling short. The beer that the angry man had purchased two days ago was pathetic and had no kick whatsoever, all of his pairs of jeans were dirty so he was stuck in sweat pants (which he hated)- and he had been tasked to keeping a young punk out of trouble.
Out of all of the things that were currently pissing Logan off, being a glorified babysitter was definitely the worst offender. Especially when the kid he was meant to keep an eye on, was by all accounts, a snarky little smart ass. But the Professor had specifically asked him to train
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 288 52
Wolverine-x-Baby Reader: Daddy's Girl
:bulletblue: Wolverine-x-Baby Reader: Daddy’s Girl :bulletblue: 

(F/n) was crying again.
No, not crying . . . screeching. And as Logan (her amused father) watched the baby cry with her little mouth open as far as it could go, he had to admit this his child’s vocal power rivaled Banshee’s. Not that it was something he needed his six month old daughter to prove, now or in fact ever.
“Come on kiddo, ya gotta stop sometime.”
When the wailing just got louder, the man sighed and picked the bawling baby up out of her crib. Gently, he bounced her in his arms in hopes to sooth her, but (F/n) only continued to cry her heart out. She had been at it for nearly twenty minutes now and apparently had no intention of stopping until she got what she wanted.
“(F/n), mama will be back soon, so you can stop crying.”
With innocent eyes (F/n) gazed up at him, before a new and definitely louder sob left her small mouth. Well the barg
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 709 130
Thor x Child Reader: Poptarts

:bulletred: Thor x Child Reader: Poptarts :bulletred: 

It was 11:00 in the morning; still much too early for lunch, but too late to be considered breakfast either . . . and (F/n) was absolutely starving!  
The little girl of five had tried her best to ignore the pangs in her gut and the obnoxious growls of protest that her belly made. She had tried to distract herself by playing with her toys, and then even found Uncle Tony to play Mario Kart with her. . . But nothing was helping, and she was done waiting. From her current place on the large leather couch besides her uncle, the girl stretched her arms in an exaggerated gesture and put down her controller. Then she put her plan into motion.
“What is it, baby girl?”
“I gotta go. . . ”
Tony looked at her with curious brown eyes from where he had been selecting Bowser (something that (F/n) had questioned countless times, due to how big and scary the Koopa King was.
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 721 224
Code Red Avenger x Pmsing Reader
Aka How the Avengers deal with a pmsing you
“Hello sweetheart.” Tony greeted you as you sat glaring at your coffee for not being hot enough. You sneered at the cheerful man before you while you grabbed a knife smeared with jelly and began to spread it on your toast. You went to dip the knife back into the bottle only to discover it had been moved. You pulled it back to you and quickly resumed preparing your breakfast as Tony hummed beside you. Anger started to build inside you as his humming increased in volume and eventually gave way to singing.
     Thankfully Tony shut up before you grew homicidal. With a sigh of relief you put your focus on making jelly toast instead of not killing your friend, only to find the jelly missing again. With a small growl you stole it from Tony again.
“I was using that.” He complained while he reached for it again. You put a stop to that though by twisting around and pointing the knife at him
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 1,417 396
My Favorite 1 (Uncle!Loki X Child!Reader)
You were practically bouncing off the walls when Uncle Thor arrived. “Calm down (Name).” Your father said and handed you your favorite stuffed animal. “Uncle Thor! I missed you!” You squealed and clung to his large leg. “Aye, I missed you as well Miss (Name)!” He boomed. You looked beside him to see Jane as well. “Hi Auntie Jane!” “Hello (Name)” She chuckled.  “We must be going, Uncle Loki is expecting his princess.” Thor smiled.
Your mother and father smiled and kissed you goodbye, handing Thor your weekend backpack. “Honey, no playing with Bildshnipe” Your mother reminded you and you nodded. “Bye! Momma, bye Daddy!” You called. “Farewell Man of Iron and Pepper of Potts.” Thor stated. Auntie Jane buckled you into the car and put your backpack next to you before sliding into the driver's seat, Uncle Thor in the passenger's.
She drove for 3 hours until she hit a cleared patch and
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 751 154
Advice (Avenger!Loki x Avenger!Reader)
-Avenger!Reader, fluff, all Avengers included
"Do you ever wonder why you're so beautiful?"
You grunt as you dodge yet another one of the monster’s attack, quickly rolling to your feet and sending a rush of fire its way. The monster keens in pain and takes a step back, it massive footstep shaking the ground.
"Loki! Shut up and help me!"
"I just a minute!"
You make yet another hard juke to the right, stopping just in time to avoid falling off the roof.
"Loki!" you demand as you briefly glance at him lying wistfully on the ground across the way.
"No, you simply don't understand. This is something that's been plaguing my mind for quite some time now."
"Loki I swear to God...!"
Loki sighs dramatically before swiftly rising to his feet and turning to face the violent beast. With the graceful swish of his hand, the creature is riddled with enormous icicles and it falls lifeless to the tattered Manhattan streets below.
"Oh, now where was
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 871 185
Loki x Child!Reader :Oneshot: Magic
Being the only five year old, or rather only child in general, on the helicarrier things tend to get rather boring. You were currently walking through the halls trying to avoid getting in the way of the busy agents. Then something green and full of light caught your attention. You quickly followed after it. The thing turned out to be a luminous green butterfly. A wide smile crossed your features as you got closer to it. You followed the strange butterfly trying to catch it. It turned the corner quickly and you followed suit, running into someone.
"(F/n)? What are you doing running about the halls?" Thor asked pulling you back up to your feet. You still had that smile plastered to your face as you brushed yourself off.
"I'm trying to catch the green butterfly." He looked at youslightly confused.
"Well alright then, just try and be more careful okay?" You nodded in responce and moved around him so you could continue on your quest to capture the butterfly. You looked around a while before
:iconmunch1111:munch1111 780 60
Without Words (Loki x Child!Reader)
"Uncle Thor's back! Thor's back!" You exclaim as you throw yourself onto the bed and across Loki's lap.
The man gives you a glare and you reply with a devilish grin. Frigga, who was sitting on the edge of the large bed, laughs and you look to her with a wide grin before climbing across Loki's body to curl up in her lap.
"Now Loki, (y/n) was simply eager to tell you of Thor's return," Frigga says with a smile as she combs her fingers through your hair. You nestle contently into the touch as you watch Loki shut his book with a weary sigh.
"(Y/N), should you not be studying with Lady Iris?" He inquires tiredly as he rubs at his temples.
"She ended the session early because Thor's returned!" You cheer excitedly before looking to Frigga, "Will we celebrate his safe return?"
Frigga smiles widely at the innocent look in your eyes and she moves to lightly kiss you upon your forehead, "Of course. It is customary to celebrate the safe return of our warriors."
"Yes!" You exclaim as you hop down f
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 607 82
Loki X child!reader: Daddy Loki
It had been many a year since your father had been defeated at the hand of the avengers...But not just before he claimed the heart of mortal, she took his heart as well...Threw the darkness, they found light and love...With the fruit of this love, bloomed small flower...A child, both mortal flesh, and divine blood...
The defeated god, had his time consumed, by trying to fend of his enimes, but alas, all effort was in vein, his rein ended...He was covered in chains and taken away, and not even the screams and begging from your mother, could change his fiat...
Locked away, far away, worlds away...For many years he was gone...But there was not a day that went by, he did not think of his mortal love...or his spawn, who little face he could no longer remember....
You were young...But you always felt a piece of you was missing...As you grew older, you started to understand what it was...Families, would comes and pairs of three...Your family was two...someone was missing...You had a mommy...B
:iconhaelhallo:HaelHallo 205 49
Loki x Child Reader (Nightmares)
    You watched with horror as men of a different race, men who were clearly not Asgardian turned to face your father and uncles, looking at them with a burning hatred.
         "We have all come a long way to watch you all die." One of the men bellowed in a deep, sinister monotone.
    You were certain that your father and the others would be able to take them on, but were horrified as one-by-one, they were all defeated, and there wasn't single one of them that were left living.
    You looked at them with sheer horror, uncertain of what to do, when one of the men turned his gaze on you, grinning evilly.
                        . . . . .
    You awoke with a scream of pain, unsure of how a dream could feel so real.
     You were only five, how could your subconscious already be filling itself with such horrifying, grieving images?
:iconasokaechoof21:AsokaECHoof21 20 6
Loki x Child Reader (Father's Day)
  Of all the Father's Day gifts that you had created for your father, you were certain that this one would make him the most proud. It was something that you had been working on for months, and you had no doubt at all that he would cherish it for the rest of his days.
   You had asked Auntie Nat to help you, and she had been more than willing to compromise her schedule in order to teach you how to crochet in order to make your present for him.
   You had made him a blanket with his name on it.
       "It's Father's Day, Uncle Thor! Where is Daddy?" You queried, dragging the blanket behind you. "I made him a bwanket wif his name on it!"
       "Now, (Name) what have I told you about your patterns of speech? You're five! You must learn how to speak properly." Thor scolded.
       "Uncle Thor!!" You whined. "Where's Daddy? I have his pw. . .purresent!" You made an extra hard effort to speak the way Thor w
:iconasokaechoof21:AsokaECHoof21 33 3
Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy’s Little Girl
Request for littlewave500
A/N: Co-written by Blossom.
“I would like it to be a Dad Tony story, where the Reader is between 8 to 10 years old. She has been kidnapped by somebody. I don't know much else about the rest of the storyline only that the reader is scared but knows that her dad will come to rescue her.”
Being the child of a billionaire was fun. Hard at times, but fun.
For one thing, having everything you ever dreamed of right in front of you was a great feeling. The downside, though, were the people who called you selfish and spoiled. You had to admit, you were spoiled, especially for a ten year old, but you were grateful for everything you had.
You loved your father more than anything. Even if Tony was busy in the labs, he would push everything to the side to make time for you. He treasured you; you were his little girl, his everything.
The times you disliked having a famous parent was when he threw his wild
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 121 1


Lone wolf I be

Lone wolf that’s me

Lone wolf I’ll die

No one will cry

I’ve stalked this earth

Since my birth

But you don’t see

Through me

To you I am nothing

I know you are bluffing

What do you see

When you see me?

A loner

A no one

But here’s some knowledge you don’t own:

No all loners like to be alone.

Lone wolf I be

Lone wolf that’s me

Lone wolf I’ll die

No one will cry


Forever alone

In my misery

No one to comfort

No one to hold me

Only companion of mine is the Night

Hidden from their view

From their judgmental sight


Please stay away

Try not to love me

I cannot say

The reasons why

But near me

You’ll surely die

And when I dream

Demons un-hatch a scheme

As they mock me

Yet they cannot unlock me

For I no longer have a key

As it was stolen

Long ago

By someone I loved

That I use to know


At night I cry

All alone

No one to comfort me

While in dreams

My soul roams

An endless nightmare

Looking for home

But all she finds

Are the demons that haunt her

All she finds

Are those that wish to harm her

Yet still she seeks home

Through this nightmare she does roam

Seeking a sign

Seeking the light

Something to guide her

Through an endless night

But no one will love her

Nor banish her fright

Lone wolf I be
Lone wolf that's me
Lone wolf I'll die
No one will cry...


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Logan Gamble
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Ummm... There's not too much you need to know about me, but here are the basics:
Name: Logan; nicknames include Willow, Wolfy and of course Tigger.
I love to roleplay: Creepypasta, wolves, werewolves and warrior cats, but I'm always open to new ideas!
Anyways, don't hesitate to drop me a note- I dont bite!


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