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Moving Away from Deviantart? (A Migration Guide)


IMPORTANT: Do not interact with scam correspondence claiming to be affiliated with this post. A few users (including myself!) have received notes that have shady links; they're bots and they're sweeping popular posts (such as this one) to find people to take advantage of.

>>>> THE LIST HAS MOVED, Please click here! <<<<

>>>> THE LIST HAS MOVED, Please click here! <<<<

>>>> THE LIST HAS MOVED, Please click here! <<<<

>>>> THE LIST HAS MOVED, Please click here! <<<<

The latest DeviantArt Eclipse update has left many artists feeling stranded, ignored, and in search of a new platform. But it’s a big world out there!

If you’re one of these people, you might just be in the right place. Click one of the links to visit the 10+ page compilation of sites and resources for artists looking to move (and for an explanation as to why it's on Google Docs now).

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thank you SOOO much for this guide... is awesome!!!! *////*

so.. after I read all guide, I've a couple of questions...

. You say that with Twitter you have a good engagement of selling art. I do adoptables (especially closed Species), do you think if I do a Twitter account I can have an increment of sales?

. As above you say in the guide that you had a lot of engagement on Tumblr.. How can you sell the arts (adopts in my case) in this platform?

. about Discord.. I've a server discord for my original species, but I don't know how to advertise the specie in Discord... is there some servers that you can share your adoptables? like dA groups..

Thank you so much for your big help!!!! :heart:

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what y all made her is breathtaking, thank you very very much!!

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I hope there's a new art app that will remind us about the old site.
Killgara's avatar

There isn’t one that I can find

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All these freaking bots are annoying as HELL.
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So I'm kinda stuck between FurAffinity and Newgrounds as an alternate to DeviantArt, but I have problems picking which one out of some issues I'm seeing from each I'll explain.

I'm looking at FurAffinity because it looks like a decent place, but I'm probably not gonna be doing a lot of furry stuff and doing more pokemon and humans. Plus I'm not sure if I am gonna do a lot of adult related art, but that might change.

Newgrounds to me looks more open to any type of art content and might be a good start for me to do adult art, but I'm hearing from friends on Discord that it's for more adobe flash content.

If all else fails I'll just stick to mainly DeviantArt as it's probably the best bet, but I would like some opions and help with figuring out what to do.

itslage-adopts's avatar

Hey, FA user here. Altho it's true that on such site furry images prevail, many love pokemons and you can often find humans.

I think it'd be positive even for your mature content, when and if you'll make, due to many images where you can learn. SFW are lovely too tho.

Plus people love to spend on this site so I d say fa over newgrounds, which i feel is more... childish maybe

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I'm looking for a site that's good for hobbyist photographers. Are some of those sites good for us too? I'm a furry that can't draw, but photography is my passion.
astrieology's avatar

try instagram! i wish you luck <33

Orcanaria's avatar

I already have Instagram, but I haven't posted my actual photography on it due to Instagram being rather infamous for multiple reports of art thieves. Thanks for the tip though.

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Just throwing this out there, but does anyone have any experience with Retroshare? A friend of mine, who's also been looking into decentralized to solutions to some of the internet's more recent problems (not just da's) pointed me to it, but I was wondering if anyone had any first-hand insights to share about it.
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Stay safe out there whether it's on devinart or elsewhere and good luck
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I like the linework on this piece. It makes me feel like I'm on a cloud made of cotton candy. It also looks nice and pencil-y.

Albinoterror143's avatar
Is Artstation a good choice
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If you look at the new list, which has been referenced several times at the top of the description, I have already added Newgrounds and Pixiv in the past.

This is unsaid, but I have actually (and surprisingly) found Tumblr to have my largest audience on any site so far, with the most consistent engagement (personally).

Lastly, Furaffinity and Amino were included by suggestion; and Inkbunny has been excluded due to a high presence of adult and explicit artwork of underage characters. Thanks for understanding!
Duckiepup's avatar

I think it's cause like... Inkbunny harbours a LOT of pedophilic/cub stuff, like it's the 'go-to' place to find nasty pedo furry art. I know FA has a rule against it and they enforce it where they can. Also the ANTIFA people are just chillin let them vibe

Duckiepup's avatar

Also you literally have a nazi furry character but ok

Duckiepup's avatar

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I was just expressing my views on the site.

Duckiepup's avatar
To anyone who sees the guy below who said Voat is an alternative: do not go there, it's basically an alt-right reddit spinoff littered with nasty toxic dudes and trolls. People will harass you for the slightest things.

Apart from that, this is a fantastic guide! Is there any tutorial for how to get noticed on Twitter however? I've noticed very low engagement with my posts ever since I started posting there... is there like some secret I should know about?
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