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Artificial zoanthropes are the most common type of zoanthrope. These zoanthropes have been around since Tylon Corporations biotechnological experiments during the mid 90s (experimentation going on as early as the late 70s but had only had high chance of success recently.) They had only been exposed to the public eye after Tylons demise in 1998. They make roughly 19% of the todays population, 3% away from doubling the population of natural zoanthropes.
Transformation is induced by genetic experimentation. While the experiments activate the genetic codes that induce zoanthropy, there are practices before hand that are performed to manipulate the subjects DNA in order to achieve selective zoanthropy and thus obtain rarer forms of zoanthropes. With the aid of medical science, the mortality rate of these zoanthropes first transformation has decreased drastically- assuming the genetic experiments were a success. It has been rumored that death by an artificial first transformation is far worse than a natural first transformation.

Because of the medical and genetic assistance, artificial zoanthropes aren’t as powerful as their natural counterparts. Artificial zoanthropes are also much easier to detect- as common signs of artificial zoanthropy include physical abnormalities. This could be something as simple as an abnormal eye or hair color, but it could escalate as high as full bodily deformation. Full body abnormalities can prove to be fatal depending on the severity. As mentioned previously, artificial zoanthropes are not effected by the lunar cycle.
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November 27, 2016


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