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Apex Predator by TigerUchimaru Apex Predator :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 7 2 Secret of Mana- SCXCR titlecard by TigerUchimaru Secret of Mana- SCXCR titlecard :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 2 0 River City Gamers by TigerUchimaru River City Gamers :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 0 0 yulice trash was here by TigerUchimaru yulice trash was here :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 14 1 hall dig borta fran mig by TigerUchimaru hall dig borta fran mig :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 5 1 ShenLong Chibi by TigerUchimaru ShenLong Chibi :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 6 3 The Kleptic Bhaalspawn by TigerUchimaru The Kleptic Bhaalspawn :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 1 0 Brothers of the Dominion by TigerUchimaru Brothers of the Dominion :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 5 1 Tyrant of Liberation by TigerUchimaru Tyrant of Liberation :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 8 1
Zoanthrope Headcanon #2- Artificial Zoanthropes
Artificial zoanthropes are the most common type of zoanthrope. These zoanthropes have been around since Tylon Corporations biotechnological experiments during the mid 90s (experimentation going on as early as the late 70s but had only had high chance of success recently.) They had only been exposed to the public eye after Tylons demise in 1998. They make roughly 19% of the todays population, 3% away from doubling the population of natural zoanthropes.
Transformation is induced by genetic experimentation. While the experiments activate the genetic codes that induce zoanthropy, there are practices before hand that are performed to manipulate the subjects DNA in order to achieve selective zoanthropy and thus obtain rarer forms of zoanthropes. With the aid of medical science, the mortality rate of these zoanthropes first transformation has decreased drastically- assuming the genetic experiments were a success. It has been rumored that death by an artificial first transformation is far wors
:icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 2 0
Zoanthrope Headcanons #1- Natural Zoanthropes
Zoanthropes can be categorized into three categories- Natural, Artificial, and Supernatural
           Uncommon compared to their artificial counterparts, Natural zoanthropes make about 11% of the world population today. These zoanthropes are mostly limited to lycanthropy (wolves) or chiropterans (bats), although some more exotic zoanthropes (lions, boars) shifts have been reported- albeit rare.
           The popular tales involving werewolves and vampires are most likely based on  zoanthrope sightings in the early ages- aforementioned sightings caused a rather large stir into society and thus dwindled zoanthrope population overtime via hunts for the supernatural and other forms of genocide. Their population decreased so rapidly that they were considered a myth come the 17th century.
           Another factor of low natural zoanthrope population is the high mortality rate of the first transf
:icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 3 1
Reboot- Ryoho the Dragon by TigerUchimaru Reboot- Ryoho the Dragon :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 3 2 The Unborn by TigerUchimaru The Unborn :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 3 1 Giovanni Vespucci- 3E389 by TigerUchimaru Giovanni Vespucci- 3E389 :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 1 0 Calessia by TigerUchimaru Calessia :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 1 0 Tharn Being Lewd by TigerUchimaru
Mature content
Tharn Being Lewd :icontigeruchimaru:TigerUchimaru 0 0


Sketch - Jagar Tharn by Violetta-Altory Sketch - Jagar Tharn :iconvioletta-altory:Violetta-Altory 26 2 Gado the amigurumi lion by Pinksillycupcake Gado the amigurumi lion :iconpinksillycupcake:Pinksillycupcake 20 7 bakuryu the mole by FrozenEerie bakuryu the mole :iconfrozeneerie:FrozenEerie 16 3 Long the tiger by FrozenEerie Long the tiger :iconfrozeneerie:FrozenEerie 18 1 Gum and Beat! by Feri-Marife Gum and Beat! :iconferi-marife:Feri-Marife 28 2 Reiji The Crow - Bloody Roar by Castgurl Reiji The Crow - Bloody Roar :iconcastgurl:Castgurl 12 2 Bloody Roar- Yugo Concept by cyberhybriddemon Bloody Roar- Yugo Concept :iconcyberhybriddemon:cyberhybriddemon 31 9 ''But down in the underground...'' by Kosperry ''But down in the underground...'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 1,269 118 bad @ss bunny by cheerleadercult bad @ss bunny :iconcheerleadercult:cheerleadercult 16 4 BRING BACK BLOODY ROAR by SHizukA-Shi BRING BACK BLOODY ROAR :iconshizuka-shi:SHizukA-Shi 22 7 Kick It - Commission for Kalebold by Mirri Kick It - Commission for Kalebold :iconmirri:Mirri 18 2 Yugo by FrozenEerie Yugo :iconfrozeneerie:FrozenEerie 14 3 PIXEL ANIME BEAT by 15MOCHI PIXEL ANIME BEAT :icon15mochi:15MOCHI 19 3 Bros by sneelunderscore Bros :iconsneelunderscore:sneelunderscore 24 9 Cute Gum + Cube by sneelunderscore Cute Gum + Cube :iconsneelunderscore:sneelunderscore 20 0 You know my love is sweet. by 15MOCHI You know my love is sweet. :icon15mochi:15MOCHI 11 3



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[12/5/2016 7:14:10 PM | Edited 7:24:32 PM] Jagarmeister: Okay so like, I’m thinking the origins of the Zoanthrope Kingdom was probably started in the late 70s by a scientist who got exiled after getting his zoanthropy exposed. He forms up a little hideout somewhere between Pakistan and India and shelters any zoanthropes in need. For his own safety, he hides behind the name Orion.
[12/5/2016 7:17:18 PM] Jagarmeister: Now due to its location, it’s kinda stepping on the toes of a nearby villiage. They have spats here and there but nothing too serious.
[12/5/2016 7:24:23 PM] Jagarmeister: Zoanthropes are still fairly rare around this time, but the sanctuary eventually forms into a small village. Eventually, a human woman shows up seeking shelter momentarily. Orion allows her to stay as long as she needs, but overtime he finds himself completely smitten with this woman.
[12/5/2016 7:25:20 PM] Jagarmeister: By 1985, the two wind up getting married, and she has a son- they name him Cronos.
[12/5/2016 7:30:55 PM] Jagarmeister: In the meantime the village next door is nowhere near pleased that their neighbors are harboring zoanthropes- and attacks towards the sanctuary become far more frequent and aggressive. Orion, as much as he tries to advocate peace- realizes that these attacks are not going to stop and decides that he needs to develop a defense system.
[12/5/2016 7:34:03 PM] Jagarmeister: With this thought, he decides to create the perfect zoanthrope soldier. Should his theories and research be successful- he would have created the first immortal zoanthrope- The Phoenix.
[12/5/2016 7:39:31 PM] Jagarmeister: While his intentions were to protect the zoanthropes under his care- his actions were morally questionable- Many of his lab rats were those who attempted to attack his sanctuary and were captured in their attempt. Next to none survived his experiments. And all it took was one who had escaped to warn the neighboring village of Orions deeds.
[12/5/2016 7:43:06 PM] Jagarmeister: This sparked a war between the sanctuary and the village. Orions wife was very much confused, as Orion kept this all a dark secret from the rest of the Zoanthropes. She intended to get Cronos to a safe place and confront her husband, but in the midst of the chaos- both her and her son were fatally injured by a couple of mercenaries hired by the village.
[12/5/2016 7:46:11 PM] Jagarmeister: Orion was close to a finished product of the Phoenix project. Cronos was still alive but barely hanging on. Distraught and desperate, Orion injects his son with the serum containing the Phoenixs DNA.
[12/5/2016 7:47:09 PM] Jagarmeister: His project was a success- but the Phoenix was uncontrollable and had destroyed both the sanctuary and the village.
[12/5/2016 7:51:54 PM] Jagarmeister: News got by fairly fast- a whole villiage does not wipe off the map within a day. Tylon took note of this and a couple of executives confronted Orion. Needless to say if he was exposed to the rest of the world, he and his son would possibly be facing life in prison- if not outright execution. Tylon had agreed to cover their mess up and to rebuild their sanctuary, in exchange for the information for creating the phoenix DNA strain and voluntary labrats from the sanctuary. Orion agrees.
[12/5/2016 7:58:29 PM | Edited 7:59:10 PM] Jagarmeister: Come 1998, Tylon is in disarray and while the corporation no longer exists as a whole, many of the scientists sought sanctuary in now a rapidly growing Zoanthrope Sanctuary. In 2003, some of the remaining scientists got a hold of a former but renowned Tylon scientist- Hajime Busuzima- brains behind the Chimera theory and the first scientist to successfully clone a human.
Orion heard wind of this and attempts to contact Busuzima with the realization that he could possibly get his wife back. The remaining Tylon researchers allows to contact him under the agreement that she would be the test subject for the Chimera Project- a Experiment that was successful but was lost during the incident of 1998.
[12/5/2016 8:06:24 PM] Jagarmeister: Busuzima creates the clones, and the researchers perform the Chimera experiments. Within a year, they are successful in creating a living Chimera- codenaming her Uranus. Uranus unfortunately proves to be mentally unstable and escapes her creators. The remaining Tylon researchers respond by reaching out to another former branch of Tylon- Yun Chi. Yun Chi releases their cyber-zoanthrope, Khoryu, out into the world in order to retrieve Uranus and a potential zoanthrope that would be a trump card into gathering enough strength for the company to rebuild itself.
[12/5/2016 8:06:53 PM] Jagarmeister: ffffffffffff that was a lot more talking than I planned on doing.


Apex Predator
This has got to be the first thing I've drawn in almost a year it feels like. Definitely shows unfortunately.
I really wanted to try drawing those nocturnal eyes.
So I slapped them on Yugo.


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