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Plushie Equals Voodoo Doll by putrithewicked Plushie Equals Voodoo Doll :iconputrithewicked:putrithewicked 386 304
I'm The Girl
I'm the kinda of girl you see
Watching the football games without
I'm the girl
Who doesn't know that
They're going out...again.
I'm the girl you see who
Doesn't care that she's
Not invited to the exclusive
I'm the girl who's laid back
And relaxed while secretly
Hoping to be accepted.
I'm the girl who
Pretends not to care while
She's being torn apart
On the inside.
I'm the girl who
Needs someone to make her
Laugh when all she wants to
Do is cry.
I'm the girl who
Needs to be accepted
Even though she can't be
Because she's different.
I'm the girl who's different.
I'm no model,
I'm no cow,
I'm no Einstein,
I'm no London Tipton
I'm just ME.
Live with it.
That's all you're gonig to get.
I don't need anyone's approval but my own...
I just need to fine enough self-esteem to approve of myself...
:iconosruigrl4evr:osruigrl4evr 2 24
McMorbid - Oh, The Temptation by Rimfrost McMorbid - Oh, The Temptation :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 8,124 1,697 McGeek - Cybersex? by Rimfrost McGeek - Cybersex? :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 1,309 492
Spread My Wings and Fly
             She was created just like any other child. Her mother carried her for nine months, watching what she ate, exercising every day, things most would do for their unborn children. She was born in the usual way as well, delivered in a prestigious hospital on the south side of town by a doctor with several important looking certificates on his walls.
             But there was something wrong with the child.
             Like some babies, she was born with hair. If you could call it that. It was more like fur, and covered her entire body, like a cat’s or a dog’s.  A small tail, like that of a newborn kitten, extended from the base of her spine, curling under her as she wailed in the doctors arms. She had no fingernails. Instead, in between each finger was a retractabl
:iconinvaderjazzy:InvaderJazzy 5 29
'Bump' by nasakii 'Bump' :iconnasakii:nasakii 3 1
A Hectic Appearance
oI could write upon your body
oI could write upon the world
oAnd the words would appear from the inside-out
oI could pierce your flesh with ink
oAnd your veins would soak it up
oWhile your heart drinks itself to death in ink.
oI’d let you draw upon my body
oYour warm finger tips
oAs my heart unfreezes and my skin starts to melt
oI’d let you cover my flesh with ink
oIf you’d promise it were true
oThe images would appear from the inside-out
:icondustyflowers:DustyFlowers 5 16
Skulls by anakins456 Skulls :iconanakins456:anakins456 2 4 The Sora Song by LynxGriffin The Sora Song :iconlynxgriffin:LynxGriffin 30,536 7,050



United States
Nerdy, curvy, and proud of it. If you think I should be skinny, fuck you.

Favourite genre of music: Alternative.... and Rock! =3
Operating System: Mac OSX. It is win. of Epic proportions. <3
MP3 player of choice: My 20 gig 4th gen ipod, though I haven't really used it in a while.
Shell of choice: Red, please. They don't go off the map.
Wallpaper of choice: Hm... black with random red designs on it. However, most of my walls are still white. xD
Skin of choice: Um, mine? I don't want to wear anything else's skin! Leather is gross.
Favourite cartoon character: Agatha Heterodyne
Personal Quote: You hate Nintendo? You are now Shunned. buh,buh,buh shunned, I can't hear you*walks away*


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Your link does not work. :/
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