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C Jessica in her underwear Filmations Ghostbusters

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It's too bad they were not allowed to do that on the real show. Jessica is the hottest female hero on the show.

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Agreed! Redheads are the best, and even showing her once like this would have been appreciated.

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Yeah. Redheads, blondes and Asians are the hottest.

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Agreed! Asians are so beautiful and blondes are my second favorite. My favorite blondes are Lucy Heartfilia from the anime Fairy Tail-

COM Lucy in her underwear

-Queen Sophia from the video game Maximo Ghosts To Glory-

COM Queen Sophia in her underwear 2

-and Princess Christi from the webcomic Princess Planet.

COM Skeleton VS Princess Christi

There's more I'm sure, those are just the ones I love the most.

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I also like British women and Audrey Hepburn.

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Very good yes and you're welcome for the faves.
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wow she looks cute and pretty, great work :la:
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She looks pretty cute here. Very nice work
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This day is just full of surprises isn’t it?  I can’t believe that BOTH of the leading ladies from Filmation’s Ghostbusters have been drawn by one of my favorite artists.  

I remember this character being okay.  She wasn’t interesting like Futura, but she wasn’t as annoying as the human Ghostbusters and especially their stupid gorilla.  She is very lovely, so I think that warrants a favorite.
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Have I mentioned that you are excellent at drawing beautiful and sexy women?  Let me amend that, you are excellent at drawing beautiful and sexy women!  :D  Between Jessica and Futura, I thought Futura was the cooler character but Jessica was hotter.  This definitely proves it.  I'm so glad you did this for me.
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