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C Futura in her underwear Filmations Ghostbusters

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Nice job with it bro
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Thanks! Not a bro though!
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she is so sexy XD i like her style and this looks amazing :la:
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I think Jake Kong, Jr. is speechless.
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She looks really good here. Very nice work
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I must agree.  Say Passin, do you recognize her?  Because believe it or not I do and it’s not a show I thought I would see fanart for unless I went searching for it.  I got a couple tapes at a thrift store once ebcause they were labeled Ghostbusters.  I thought that I had bought episodes of the series based on the movie, but instead I got this.…

It turns out that the 1984 movie was NOT the first thing to be called Ghostbusters.  There was a live-action show about 2 guys and a gorilla who fought ghosts.  This cartoon is a sequel about their sons who have inherited their ghostbusting business.

But I didn’t know that as a kid.  I was very confused.  Nevertheless I continued to watch the videos I had bought and personally I did not get much enjoyment out of them.  I know that some people truly enjoy it, but personally I thought it was just dumb.  I found it very amusing when one channel started airing the cartoon again, and I noticed that it was called the Real Ghostbusters.  I found that very amusing and helpful, so if I ever found a Ghostbusters tape without Real in the title I would not buy it.  Besides the music (including the theme song), there were only 2 things I liked about Filmation's Ghostbusters.

1. The villains: I thought they were pretty cool villains stuck in a dumb show.  With a little work, they could have been worthy adversaries for the Real Ghostbusters.  Now I want to see a show where over the course of a single season the Ghostbusters fight one of them every episode and bust him or her at the end.  They start off fighting the weakest one and each new adversary is tougher than the last, culminating in an epic showdown with Prime Evil.  That would be awesome.  My favorite villain was Haunter, an evil big game hunter ghost with a lisp.  I love that type of villain (look up the Trope Hunting the Most Dangerous Game), and for some reason I think the lisp is funny.  He reminds me of Elmer Fudd that way.

2. Futura: I’ve got to admit, she was the only one of the good guys who was cool.  She’s a time-traveling Ghostbuster from the future; I've got to admit that’s pretty cool.  And as you can see she IS rather attractive.  Even this encyclopedia I have on animated television shows describes her as sexy.

Despite my feelings for the show, I still think that this is a great picture.  She's a cool and pretty character; it's no fault of hers that the show wasn't that good.  You did a very good job on this.
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Never even heard of it before now. It's a pretty cool backstory. I can see from the intro that at least some of those villains look pretty tough. (Even though the heroes mostly look more Scooby Doo than Ghostbusters) Thanks for the heads up.
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She looks so hot, and the shade of blue you chose for her undies is perfect.  Awesome job on one of my favorite animated women.  I can't believe you finished it that quick!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like them.
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