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Kou for Hchano



One of my favorite comics to read these days is Dream*Scar for :iconhchan: and the latest developments in the comic led me to this.

Kou is Vix's "guardian angel" or so she's always believed. Turns out his something completely different, more down to Earth...more unhuman.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Kou in the comic...we haven't even seen his eyes yet (which is why his hair is draped in front of his eyes in this picture. ) I do know he's been scarred at some point, and it's suggested that one of his eyes is missing(?- I have yet to confirm this one).

He's pretty awesome though, even when he's been pretty subdued to this point.
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I ALREADY GUSHED but <3 forever ><~

Kou is def a secretive bastard xD He keeps so many secrets from everyone, including how he got that damned scar. xD Heck, half of his backstory I have planned out, but even when he talks about it, he leaves out most of the gory details [probably for the best lol]... he's such a dick. I put all that work into his back story and he refuses to ever talk about it in-story! [i've tried... lol. damn charas with a mind of their own e.e;]

/end ramble O_o