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Skyrim getting better...

... and better if you have machine brawny enough to be able to run the new add-ons
that make this game look almost like real life!
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What mod have u used
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Ty, but ur character looked most muscular than the example photos, can you control the muscle with a mod menú??
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Wow Les!! Great, Amazing job!! Excelente trabajo!! Clap Clap 
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woman on steroids=scary legs.
Tigersan's avatar
Lol I don't think they knew steroids in Skyrim's universe lmao, but thanks for the comment.
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I would love to see some clips of her in action.
Maddi84's avatar
Wish this would be possible on PS3
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i downloaded your mods, the are so cool my carácter looks great!
Would you please be so kind as to tell where I can get mods to make my character look like her? She looks so amazing!
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Look on other screenshots, i already posted links :)
Thanks a lot. One more question though. Is there a way to get all the armors to work with the muscle mods that you and Elmanouche created, such as the Savior's Hide that she is wearing? I've noticed that when I put on an armor that's not part of the Muscle Women Armor mod, she keeps the muscle texture but loses all of her body mass, making her look weird. Any way around that?
What are the specs of your PC?
This girl looks goooooooood.
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They are in my profile... Intel i7 980, 24GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 660Ti...
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Oh wait, better yet;
Skyrim? More like Thighrim!
You can keep that one. Free of charge.
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where can i download the "add-ons that make this game look almost like real life!"? :D
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That is one hot perspective! :love:
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Yep, awesome Barbarian Tiger!
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;) Ty, any chance you will fix the forsworn armor? When you remove the feathers.
The top is clipping with the shoulder :)
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lol talked about it on one of your screens.
yeah yeah. I think I started too, just have to finish it xD
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WOW this woman looks really thundering :shocked:
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