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So if you look through my gallery you can see the kinds of stock I make . Let me know what you would like more of , or any suggestions you have . I can not promise anything but I thought it would be interesting to see what you all thought :)
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I enjoy your stocks, you you maybe do ornate ones ?
Like chaindeliers ?
Sailor-Crystal-Moon's avatar
Currently, I´d love to use a freezed-like (icy) frame, and I couldn´t really find something like that in your gallery. So it would be awesome if you made something like that.
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Could you post a photo of a profile guy?
Tigers-stock's avatar
could you be a little bit more specific what you mean by "profile guy" ?
felix1102's avatar
A guy in profile. Sorry, I'm italian and I can't speak english very well. 😅😅
sdiggman's avatar
you have no concept how impressed I am with those two boxes and borders

I will take packs like these of every kind of variations/shapes/colors that I can purchase (or beg, borrow, steal, or run down the street with)

just simply gorgeous and hyper useful
sdiggman's avatar
I really need some grunge circular frames in b/w

you do exceptional work

Be Well

rysaadora's avatar
I Love all of your works. It's so beautifully done.

But there's a thing I wanna see you make magic runes/arcane pretty please :D
Tigers-stock's avatar
Real runes or made up ones?
rysaadora's avatar
Its up to you, I think all of your works is amazing :)
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One thing I cannot find is ornament or lace overlays with png transparency, which are wonderful to retexture clothes in game mods. I would love to see those!
lauraypablo's avatar
People likes cut out stock, maybe drops like water, tears, blood, fire, plants, buildings (chapels, etc)
I love your 'mossy'-stock very much and I like your premade backgrounds and frames :)
kiniBee's avatar
I really like the texture stocks you post~
kissingcyanide's avatar
I like your vectors and backgrounds made with them! I have used some of them for backgrounds of my pics and they're amazing :)
Anyways, all your stock is perfect, thanks for a good job!
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