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589 Grunge Frames

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Thanks for these! I'm going to try to use them as a border to finish a painting done in corel painter from a digital file. Hope I can make it work! 
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might use these for a few bits C:
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HouseLannisterFormal by sdiggman   Bloodbannerifyoucan (1) by sdiggman   ANNALSBLOODBANNERformal by sdiggman  

used in these

I am adding this statement to all of my images:

Note to all:

Each one of the AnnalsHouseBanner single images is made up of anywhere from 10-30+ individual hand created/modified layers (two have gone over 50 layers), then flattened and rendered as a single image.  

Each layer is made up of multiple images, either created by myself or modified from "stock" images.  I could not create my art without having access to and using a wide variety of "stock" resources such as textures, images, vectors, clip art, etc etc.  I am constantly looking for new resources and getting rid of inferior ones from my utility collections.  Like programmers say "GIGO"

To create the art you are looking at, I used the following:

  1. my favorite graphics program "paintdotnet" which cost me the staggering amount of ......nothing.  It is a free program.  

  2. For .eps files and vectors I use Inkscape - which rivals Illustrator and costs.............nothing.

  3. materials and images which I either hand-create or they come from one of my "toolboxes"  which are collections of the best stock resources that I can get my grimy little paws on

In my most treasured time tested "go to" toolboxes there are materials that I have obtained from some of the finest and most outstanding Stock Resource creators/suppliers in the world - I mean that literally.  Over time, I have finally tracked down the best creators and suppliers and found out where they were located, which is why I joined Deviantart in the first place.  

I have obtained some of my best resources from, and whole heartedly recommend, the following deviants among many many more (who I will add to this list over time)


Be Well

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Hi! Thanks for your stock, I used one of the frames from this pack in my work here.
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I am planning to use a couple of these on my "Annals of Iron" House Banners - each banner runs 30+ layers in pdn

(banner example prior to using your stock)

HouseTargaryen by sdiggman  

I will post the images I use your textures in back to you

thank you for posting these high quality textures, I greatly appreciate it

Be Well

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I used your frames here:…
Thank you for sharing this nice frames.
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Hi there! Used one this nice frames for my manip Khaleesi
Thanks much for sharing! :yoda:
I've used it here:…

Do you mind to have it on facebook to publish the photos from the restaurant?

Anyway, nice stock and thanks.
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Great frames. I've used them twice (more will come):…; and…
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thanks a lot.. frames are really helpful. :)
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Hi,friend! :) I used your awesome stock here: Companions till the end by Fran-Hdez   Thank you so much!
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Thanks for making these. I used one of the frames here: pumpkin-shaped-heart.smackjeev…
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Used some HERE and HERE and HERE :)
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very wonderfull stock..unique and fantastic..thank you for sharing!!!
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Thank you for this wonderful stock
I used it in the thumbnail of this video:…
The full image is here:…
I credited you in the description as well
Hopefully that's alright.
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I used it here: Many thanks for this amazing stock!
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I used it here: Many thanks for this wonderful stock.
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I used it here: Many thanks for this fantastic stock!
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Many thanks for this fantastic stock:
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I used this wonderful stoch here: Many thanks for it.
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I used it here: Frame:…. Many thanks for this fantastic stock.
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