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Cat Faces [Tutorial]

So, I promised a tutorial and here it is :D


Running over some basic stuff that I've learnt since my last tutorial, and dabbling in manga-ish style and semi-realism.

Also chibi eyes.


i hope you can understand my doodles

i have nothing to babble about here because i did it in my previous deviation. :/


There is an easier, step-by-step tutorial of how to draw a cat face HERE.

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this is amazing, thank you so much

healed-hearts's avatar
This will be so helpful :heart:
BubbleFlavors's avatar
The shading section was so clear! This is so helpful!
FinniganFox's avatar
The shading part helped me so much, thank you!
tasnimnac's avatar
Cloudsoo's avatar
Love ittttt! 
Waddules's avatar
Thank you this was very helpful, especially the shading
JNerd300's avatar
I'll try it in a little while!
Dragie-Cat's avatar
Thank you this really helps! :3
LunnaKawaii's avatar
thank yo this helped me too much!
ewubook's avatar
Thank you ! THIS is helpful !!
So I can draw my cat xD yaayyy
HadesWarriorsShark's avatar
I love this so much this is my favorite warriors tutorial thank you ^=^
misnam's avatar
Thanks to this cat There are pictures too complicated;-; Especially on the head anyway just to thank her for guide:D
not-cordial's avatar
Very helpful! Thank you!
RadioactiveRiver's avatar
Your tutorial is great!
Lapehke's avatar
Fantastic! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! (:
Ghostrider67867's avatar
Thank you so much!!! ^^
iiHetatao's avatar
Helped me a lot! c;
Dawnchaser-Dawn's avatar
Everything is clear now...
GodzillaIsCool999's avatar
This will be helpful for me! I am practicing cats! I am not use to drawing dogs now XD good job on this :3
YuTheElementalMage's avatar
This may be usefull for you :)
NichigoTheCat's avatar
Aah Thank you! :3
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