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Heartstrings-Revised Ver. by ldforhyde Heartstrings-Revised Ver. :iconldforhyde:ldforhyde 309 22 Natural Beauty by Aikya Natural Beauty :iconaikya:Aikya 441 33 Internet University Cast by elontirien Internet University Cast :iconelontirien:elontirien 11,269 1,728 Zukozuko! by ShadowBuuProductions Zukozuko! :iconshadowbuuproductions:ShadowBuuProductions 28 26
Zutara Week 2011 Day 4: Secret
"Truth or dare?" Sokka said as he leaned back against the wall of the washroom. Zuko looked back at him through the dusty mirror, one eyebrow raised in question.
"Truth or dare?" Sokka repeated. Zuko dropped his razor blade and turned to face the water tribesman with a small scowl.
"Are you serious? I'm not playing that," he told him swiping a cloth over his chin and turning back to the mirror to check for any missed spots.
"Oh come on, Zuko! Are you scared? Do you have something to hide?" Sokka pestered as he walked over to the firebender.
"Of course not! I have nothing to hide, but I don't want to play. That's a kid's game," he replied and Sokka pushed out his lip in a pout and widened his blue eyes. Zuko just ignored him as he pulled his shirt over his head and then reached for his vest.
"Well, if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be afraid to pick truth," he tried again with a sly smirk. Zuko sighed loudly as he tied his sash around his waist.
"Fine, Sokka. Truth."
"Do you ha
:iconbiffel:Biffel 16 8
Zw -secret
Every night for a month I asked Katara to spar with me. Bend with me.
Hang out with me but she was always busy or tired or something else.
so Tonight I was going to ask her again. "Hey Katara, do you want to go
spar down by to beach?"
"Aang I'm sorry but I have to get up early to go to the market tomorrow"
"maybe some other time then?"
"sure Aang" She smiled warmly at me. I could never be mad at her if all
she was doing was helping the gang. She rubbed my head and followed the
others to go to sleep. Once she was in her room I ran over bended myself
some water and chugged it down. After I
finished it I walked down to the beach stopping when I heard "come and get me"
was that Katara's voice?
" You know i'm faster than you!"
"nuh uh"
"ahhh!! Zuko put me down!!"
" I'll pass" I could hear the smirk in his voice. I walked closer to the
beach enough so i could see them but remained hidden myself.Perfect timing
Zuko was holding Katara wedding style and was kissing her. he put her leg
:iconmissy5229:Missy5229 7 3
Zutara Week: Social Networking
Zutara Week 2011
Day 3: Social Networking
"Dad… Do we have to do this?  Katara's complaint sounded like a whine.
Now, Katara, I don't like it anymore then you do.  You know just as well as I do, though, that the new world order is expecting this."  Hakoda wrapped an arm around his daughter's shoulders and drew her against his side.  "I've already drawn the line about any arrangements being made.  The southern traditions will be upheld."  
Katara nodded and hugged him around the waist, letting out a soft sight.  Tonight, the South Pole was hosting a party in her honor, to announce that she was of marrying age.  Since the end of the war and the restoration of the Southern Tribe, and after the untimely death of the Northern Tribe's princess, Katara had become well know – world wide – as being the new "Water Princess."  Of course, this sounded ridiculous to her. 
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 22 37
Zutara Week Secret
Convenient Cave-in
Whenever people ask them about the event that was the turning point in their relationship, Zuko and Katara would always refer to an accident that befell them while they were still at the Western Air Temple.
Katara had been busy practicing her waterbending alone in one area of the ancient structure while Zuko had been ordered by Aang to try and talk to her. The Avatar had noticed the tension that remained between his two bending masters and he wanted them to get along better. But even after much encouragement, Zuko was hesitant to approach Katara so Aang had to be a little more forceful.
As soon as she sensed Zuko's presence, Katara turned her back to him and was determined to ignore him, as she always did. He stood by awkwardly, not sure of what to say when a series of light tremors shook the place where they were.
"Watch out!" the firebender cried.
The rocky ceiling was cracking above them and quickly assessing the danger, Zuko pushed Katara out of the way just as a
:iconcirce-albatus-perite:circe-albatus-perite 20 5
Secrets and Regrets
Azula's Revenge
"You're not telling me something."
Zuko watched Katara's face turn slightly red. She turned away, busying herself with the bandages and creams.
"Give it one more week, and the pain you are feeling should go down to a minimum."
"Katara. Look at me."
A moment of silent staring commenced, ending in Zuko sighing and turning away.
"I'll see you tonight, Zuko." Katara murmured, and left his room. Zuko groaned and fell back onto his bed. Barely a couple of weeks after the war was finally done, and everything already felt like it was falling apart again.
Katara walked quickly, muttering through her teeth in frustration. How had he noticed? The only one who had noticed was Toph, and she had explained it all away to her. That and dropped hints about taking her to the spa to talk things out. Toph always immediately backed down at any mention of getting clean. Katara felt sweat gathering on her brow and slowed down to a trembling walk. In one dizzying moment she was no longe
:iconmizuiruka:mizuiruka 14 19
ZW: Secret
The scars did nothing to him except made him hide more. He was still the same as he always had been. Maybe that's what made his father furious even more. The fact that the scars were supposed to teach him a lesson and they didn't. Maybe they weren't big enough, strong enough to teach a lesson. So, Ozai decided to really teach his son a lesson by burning a mark on his face. A permanent disgrace for everyone to see the beast he was. Yet, that did nothing. Sure, Zuko was embarrassed to have those scars and half his face burned to a crisp, but he did nothing different.
It was then Ozai realized nothing could be done to fix his son. He banished his son to an abandoned island where no one could ever see him. Ozai told Zuko it was for his own good, that people would see the scars and become afraid, that people would think of him as a beast. But really, it was because Ozai grew sick of looking at his deformed son. Ozai couldn't allow anyone to see this beast that came from him. Zuko no longer
:iconpaintedbluerose:paintedbluerose 48 41
Zutara Week: Secret
Zutara Week
Day 4: Secret
"Zuko! Where are you taking me?"a giggling Katara asked the young Fire Lord who had blindfolded her. They were walking around the palace for about 20 minutes now and Katara was losing her patience. "You'll see when we get there."Zuko assured her. "Atleast give me a hint."she begged. "Well, let's see..."Zuko said. "It's something you'll like.". "That's not a hint!"Katara whined. "I like so many things.". "Then start guessing."Zuko answered. "A romantic dinner?"she started. "No."he replied. "Are we going to the turtleduckpond?"she hinted at her favourite place of the whole palace. "Not exactly, but you're getting close."Zuko told her. The guessing kept going on for about another ten minutes until Katara finally gave up. "Zuko, seriously! This isn't fun anymore!". "We're almost there."Zuko assured her. "Just a little bit further. As he said this Katara picked up that they were outside. She could feel the warm eveningbreeze that blew over the Fire Nation every day
:iconstarbreese:starbreese 9 4
+ SECRET + by 16stolenxpaperthin + SECRET + :icon16stolenxpaperthin:16stolenxpaperthin 378 25 Zutara Week 2011 - Legendary by KarKriSei21 Zutara Week 2011 - Legendary :iconkarkrisei21:KarKriSei21 426 119 ZW Day 5 - Awkward by shee91 ZW Day 5 - Awkward :iconshee91:shee91 107 20
Zutara Week 2011: Secret
Day 4: Secret
"Yes, Toph?" the Fire Lord said, not looking up from the large stack of documents in front of him.  The two were sitting in his personal library; technically only Zuko himself was permitted inside, but he'd given up on forbidding things to Toph months ago.
"You're doing paperwork, right?"
"Yes, Toph."
"So why's your heart racing?  It's beating like you just fought off a horde of hungry Sabre-tooth Moose-Lions."
Zuko swallowed.  He'd forgotten about this inconvenient talent of Toph's.  "This is really exciting paperwork," he said, and lifted his feet off the ground.
"What are you hiding, Zuko?  Oh, Sokka's coming in – Sokka, put Zuko's feet on the ground, please."
Zuko swallowed a curse – here was the last person he wanted to see – and cast a look of appeal at Sokka, hoping his friend would take his side for once.
Sokka looked between the two of them and shook his head.  "Not taking s
:iconrainbow-ii:rainbow-II 10 3
Social Network: Facescroll by duzie-wuzie Social Network: Facescroll :iconduzie-wuzie:duzie-wuzie 155 10


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