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Rocket Raccoon

By Tigerhawk01
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Because Guardians of the Galaxy is coming and so is Rocket.
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I love this piece. Great work!
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Oh boy, if it is the talking raccoon with a machine gun :lol: I totally love this little guy XD he is just so wild for his size and too dangerous for his own.
I love this! Favinnnng~
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This is awesome and so is your art style! :)
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Interesting rendition. I like the sharp lines and angles.

If you're a RockRac fan, chekc out his first comic book run where he's facing off against basically an entire planet full if crazies. It's a little campy and kooky, but it is a few decades old.
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Thanks and if I can find it I'll definitely check it out if I can find it.
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Awesome job mate... RR definitely deserves some spotlight, always been one of my favs!
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Thanks and I totally agree, I sense a new wave of fans after Guardians hits the screen in 2014.
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Looks like he belongs in Star Fox. Dunno the source material but I like it.
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Yeah he kind of does and hes a really obscure Marvel character but he is hitting the big screen in 2014.
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Good work, man.
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Nothing scares me more then a little rodent with big guns
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Totally, I hadn't heard of him until Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but he's quickly become one of my favorite characters.
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He is actually going to be in the Guardian of the Galaxy movie...
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Yep that's what got me to create the piece.
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