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The world of Sonic 2012

This is my biggest Sonic artwork of this year.
I gather and hand-picked characters that I felt like drawing from different universes of Sonic and drew them more or less in my style.
This was one of the few times I inked directly on computer... given the number of characters, I knew my hand would get tired quickly and then I'd be prone to trace bad lines... and that's where "UNDO" comes in handy. :)
I tried to avoid giving two characters the same pose and it kinda worked out... or at least, characters who have the same pose more or less are reasonably far from each other. ;)

Shade was a last minute addition. It was supposed to be the "Sonic sister" from a canceled Sonic game, but I scrapped it since she was WAY to unrecognizable (plus no colored pic to use as a reference) so I put in Shade instead. And she turned out better than I expected!

The one character that I'm the most satisfied in terms of pose, colors and style is Tekno the Canary. :3

Some you'll recognize, some you won't, but none of them is an OC and they all come from an official Sonic medium, manga, comic or game.
Enjoy guessing all of them. :)
I might list the names later on!

I also slipped in a small reference to the manga Fist of the North Star in one of the characters' poses. :3

Song of Inspiration: "Lorelei no Shi" (opening of Shining Blade)

Line 1: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Cream/Cheese, Espio, Mighty, VEctor, Tikal, Charmy, Silver, RAy, Blaze, Big, Marine, Chip.
Line 2: Vanilla, Bean, Nack/Fang, Bark, Metal Sonic, Heavy/Bomb, Jet, Cosmo, Shade, Nicky, Anita, Paulie, Brenda, Anton, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor.
Line 3: Chuck, Mina, Julie-Su, Hershey, Geoffrey, Drago, Locke, Lara-Su, Scourge, Fiona, Johnny, Tekno, Porker, Zachary, Shortfuse, Manic, Sonia, Aleena.
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Even Anton is here. He’s an obscure character.

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wheres eggman?

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Every character that we’ve seen in the sonic franchise!
Nice job
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This is the first Sonic fan art I’ve seen that included Chip from Sonic Unleashed.
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you could make another line for the new characters: like Tangle, Whisper, Jewel, Gadget the wolf and Sticks the Badger

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The Youngest Hedgehog which happens, to be a Female is only Princess Sonia the Hedgehog, my friend! :) ;)

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Huh, emerl and gemerl is not in there.
So many furries! OMG! 
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This artwork has a lot of Sonic characters in it.La la la la omfg 
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Imagine having a cast like this for IDW Sonic.

(Of course guys like Julie-Su and Fiona are off-limits cause y'know, Ken Penders.)
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If you update this I recommend to have 

E 102 Gamma
Deadly Six
Honey the Cat
Tails Doll 
Metal Knuckles
Orbot and Cubot
Eggman Nega 
Metal Sonic 3.0
Custom Character (the one in Sonic Forces)
Omochao and Elise (maybe not them)

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uhhhhhhh what.
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This is my suggestion for added characters
VideoGameFanboy's avatar

King Authur
Black Doom
Professor Gerald
Mecha Sonic
E 101 Beta
Erazor Djinn
Egg Robo

I understand if you don't want to put all these are just Suggestions
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Also I haven't read the comics yet that is why it only game characters

Also maybe Silver Sonic 
Sonic also has as parents to jules and bernadette and in sonic mobius light has as sons a manik and sonia acorn
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I know all these characters.
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Nice work. Always good to see all these guys. 
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Hey, since you like sonic caracters, would you like to adopt one of mine that I don't use anymore? It's this one sonic-heroes-lover.deviantart.…
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Maybe you should have added Princess Eli- *nuked from orbit*
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Sad, but true. Sucks that it has to be this way.

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